Suguna feeds of Suguna foods private limited

Suguna feeds

Suguna feeds is the most popular livestock feed in South Asia. Suguna Foods private limited produces high-quality poultry feed. Suguna Feeds has the largest market in India. They also have feed mills in Bangladesh and Nepal. And they have been able to gain farm loyalty.

About Suguna foods private limited

About Suguna foods private limited is the largest foods and poultry feed manufacturer in the poultry sector of India.

Suguna poultry feed

They have been able to produce high-quality poultry feed using state-of-the-art feed milling technology. Suguna Foods private limited produces high-quality poultry feed through strict quality control.

Suguna feeds logo

Suguna Broiler feed

  1. Nutri Chick
  2. Pre broiler starter
  3. Broiler starter
  4. Broiler finisher
  5. Broiler Concentrate 10%
  6. Broiler Concentrate 40%

Suguna Layer feed

  1. Layer starter crumble
  2. Layer chick crumble
  3. Layer grower crumble
  4. Pre Layer mash
  5. Layer mash I
  6. Layer mash II
  7. Layer Concentrate 35%

Suguna Breeder Feed

  1. Breeder Layer Mash.
  2. Breeder Broiler Mash.
  3. Breeder Male Mash.
Suguna feeds
Suguna feeds 50 kg bag

Suguna feeds price

  1. Suguna Broiler Finisher Feed, Packaging 50 Kg- Rs. 1,450-1600/ Bag
  2. Suguna Trader Poultry Feed, Pack Size: 50 Kg- Rs. 1,370-1500/ Bag
  3. Suguna Starter Feed Broiler Starter Packaging 50 Kg-  Rs. 2,250-2350/ Bag
  4. Suguna Chicken Feed, Pre-starter Packaging 50 Kg- Rs. 2,300-2350/ Bag
  5. Suguna Feed, Packaging 50 Kg- Rs. 1,600-1800/ Bag

Contact & Address Suguna Feeds

Suguna Foods Private Limited
2nd Floor, UNITED Building,
No: 3, Savithri Shanmugam Road, Race Course, Coimbatore – 641 018,
Tamil Nadu, India,
Phone No: 0422 4073000,
Fax No: 0422 4073333.

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