Duck Farming

Duck Farming, disease, breed infonmation.

Introduction of duck breeds

Muscovy duck

Ducks breeds can be mainly divided into three categories. Duck breeds for egg-producing The breed of ducks that lay more eggs i.e. reared for production is called egg-producing ducks or egg-laying ducks. Egg-producing duck breeds are Khaki Campbell, Indian Runner, Jinding, etc. Duck breeds for meat-producing Breeds of ducks that are reared for meat production […]

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North American ruddy duck

Ruddy Duck

The Ruddy Duck is a small species of duck found in freshwater marshes and ponds across much of North America. It has a distinctive reddish-brown color, with a sharply sloping forehead and distinctive bill. The Ruddy Duck typically feeds on aquatic vegetation, invertebrates, and other small animals. It is an important part of the food

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Black hole duck for farming

Black hole duck farming

Black hole duck farming on homesteads or farms is not a new idea. Therefore, people have been raising them as domestic animals since ancient times. Because Black hole duck farming is easy and profitable. Even a beginner can become a successful duck farmer. Black hole duck farming The way to recognize a black hole duck

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