Layer Chicken

Layer chicken farming means raising laying hens for the purpose of commercial egg production. Layer hens are a special breed of hens that start laying eggs from 120 days of age.

Poultry Feed Formulation And Making

Poultry Feed Formulation

Poultry feed formulation is an important issue for poultry farmers. Most poultry farms now understand the need to make poultry feed. Many entrepreneurs want to make and market poultry feed. Our poultry feed formulation will be useful for all those farms and entrepreneurs. Poultry feed formulation chart We are showing here poultry feed formulation with …

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Poultry feed ingredients, use and make

Poultry Feed Ingredients

Poultry feed ingredients should be of the best quality for best production. Poultry is a sensitive animal. We can use the best quality poultry feed ingredients. Poultry feed ingredients There are many types of ingredients we can use in poultry feed. Ingredients should be pure and fresh. We can divide all ingredients by the sources …

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