Venkys feed of Uttara Food & Feeds Pvt. Ltd

Uttara Food & Feeds Pvt. Ltd.

Venkys feed of Uttara Food & Feeds Pvt. Ltd. is one of the popular animal feed in India. Venkys feed is found in almost all regions of India. Poultry and cattle feed produced by them has become a symbol of confidence of the farmers.

About Uttara Food & Feeds Pvt. Ltd.

Their products and services is SPF eggs, chicken and eggs processing, broiler and layer breeding, genetic research and Poultry diseases diagnostic, Poultry vaccines and feed supplements, vaccine production, bio-security products, Poultry feed & equipment, nutritional health products, soya bean meal and many more.

The VH Group was founded in 1971, when his wife was inspired by the late Mrs. Uttar Devi Rao, our founding Chairman The late Padma Shri Dr. B. V. Rao, affectionately referred to as the “Father of the Indian Poultry Industry”, founded Venkateswara Hatchery Pvt. Ltd. Limited in Pune (India).

Today the group is known around the world as “Venkys”. Supported by a unique combination of expertise and experience and strategic collaboration, the company has expanded its activities to include SPF eggs, poultry and egg processing, broiler and layer breeding, genetic research and diagnosis of poultry, poultry vaccines and feed supplements, vaccine production.

Venkys feed LOGO
Venkys feed logo

Organic safety products, poultry feed and equipment, nutritious health products, soybean extract and much more. Today the group is the largest fully integrated poultry group in Asia.

Venkys premix & feed Products in India

  1. Animal Health Care Products
  2. Bio Security Products
  3. Biotech
  4. Aqua culture products
  5. Vaccines for poultry and cattle
  6. Equipment for poultry farming
  7. Feed Supplements

Venkys feed details

The company manages their feed business in India and Bangladesh. They produce high quality poultry, cattle and fish feed. Animal feed of all species and all ages is available here. The role of Venkys feed is important in milk, egg and meat production in India and Bangladesh.

Venkys poultry feed

  1. Layer starter crumble
  2. Layer chick crumble
  3. Layer grower crumble
  4. Pre Layer mash
  5. Layer mash I
  6. Layer mash II
  7. Pre broiler starter
  8. Broiler starter
  9. Broiler finisher

Venkys cattle feed

The Venkys Feed Company has cattle feed for all species and all ages. Venkys cattle feed information here.

  1. Venkys cattle feed (Doodh Sagar)
  2. Venkys cattle feed- Dairy Special
  3. Venkys cattle feed (uttara uttam)
  4. Venkys calf grower feed
Venkys cattle feed
Venkys cattle feed

Contact and Address information

VH group (Uttara Food & Feeds Pvt. Ltd.)

Venkateshwara House, S.No. 114/A/2
Pune-Sinhagad Road, Vitthlwadi
Maharashtra, Pune – 411 030.
Tel. No.:+91-20-24251530 to 41
Fax no: +91-20-24251077

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