Livestock Farming

Livestock farming opportunity and management information in here. Cattle diseases, cow breeds, goat farming, poultry farming such as broiler, layer chicken farming are the subjects of this category.

Beef Cattle Farming- production and management

Beef Cattle Farming

Welcome to the discussion on beef cattle farming. Beef cattle farming is a profitable business now. Here we show more about beef cattle farming and management. Beef cattle breeds Aberdeen Angus Hereford cattle American Brahman Charolais cattle Limousin cattle Simmental cattle Holstein Friesian cattle Red Angus Gelbvieh Chianina Red Poll Brangus Belted Galloway Santa Gertrudis …

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The History of Livestock in Bangladesh

Livestock in Bangladesh

The history of Livestock in Bangladesh is an important topic for livestock lovers. We are interested to share some information about the history of livestock for farmers. From ancient times animals have been used for human needs. At that time people hunted animals for food, clothing, and other necessities. Then people gradually settled in different …

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Cow milk: Nutrition and benefits

Cow milk Nutrition and benefits

Cow milk is called a superfood. It contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus, protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B-12, niacin and riboflavin. The various nutrients of cow milk can keep you healthy and strong. Nutrition of cow milk The components of cow milk are- Water (8%) Protein (4%) Lactose or milk sugar (5%) Minerals and other …

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Jersey cow

Jersey cow

Jersey cow do not breathe in excess heat like other cows, their temperature tolerance is much higher. They have hair on their heads. So clean it regularly with shampoo and keep it tidy with a comb. The ears of Jersey cows are small and always alert. They will turn their ears like radar and aim …

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