Acme Agrovet Products

Acme agrovet products information in here. Acme is the biggest pharmaceuticals company in Bangladesh. There are 500 plus animal health products are available in The Acme Laboratories Ltd.

Anora vet & Anora-DS vet tablet/bolus

Anora vet

Anora Vet is the metabolism enhancement tablet of Acme company in Bangladesh. The veterinary medicine is very familiar to the cattle farmers. Anora is one of the most used or sold veterinary medicines in the country. Increases the digestive prosses of the cow as well as meets the needs of vitamins and minerals. The tablet

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Bovi Care Vet Powder

Bovi Care Vet Powder

Bovi Care Vet is a veterinary medicine for ruminal disorders and indigestion of cattle. Acme Laboratories Ltd. (Veterinary Department) is manufacturing and marketing this veterinary medicine called Bovi Care Vet. For animals like cows, goats, etc., it is widely used for filling the function of rumen including ruminal disorders and indigestion. Compositions Each contains 25

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