Welcome to VetMedicineBD. Vet Medicines and animal feeds are the most important parts of livestock farming. It will not be possible to achieve the desired yield from the farm due to poor feeding and management. On the other hand, the high prices for them. It is necessary to reduce the feeding cost on our livestock farms.

Vet Medicines

We need to have an idea about veterinary medicine. Our purpose is not to advertise, but to provide accurate information about all kinds of vet medicine for cows, goats, ducks, broiler layers, golden chickens, fish, pigeons, and birds.

Animal Feed

Animal feeds have a vital part in livestock farming. We are very interested in discussing animal feeds and feed management. We hope our articles can be helpful for animals, poultry, and fish farmer.

Livestock Farming

Livestock farming opportunity and management information is here. Cattle diseases, cow breeds, goat farming, and poultry farming such as broiler or layer chicken farming are the subjects of this category.

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