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Khaki Campbell ducks for farming

Khaki Campbell ducks

Khaki Campbell (khaki Campbell) ducks are very popular in our country for egg production. Khaki Campbell breed duck farms are typical nowadays. Many people mistake this duck breed for a domestic breed. The egg-laying rate of this breed is higher than all other ducks. Place of origin A lady named Mrs. Campbell from England invented …

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Black hole duck for farming

Black hole duck farming

Black hole duck farming on homesteads or farms is not a new idea. Therefore, people have been raising them as domestic animals since ancient times. Because Black hole duck farming is easy and profitable. Even a beginner can become a successful duck farmer. Black hole duck farming The way to recognize a black hole duck …

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List of Poultry Diseases

Poultry Diseases

We need to have a proper understanding of poultry diseases. These poultry diseases can cause chicken death and reduced production. Here we discuss a list of poultry diseases. Types of Poultry Diseases Poultry diseases are a major concern for those who raise chickens. Many diseases can cause death to the birds or reduce production. We …

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Cockerel chicken (Sonali) grower feed formulation (Low cost)

Cockerel chicken

Cockerel chicken (Sonali) grower feed formulation (Low cost). Feed formulation and Costing (Low Cost) for cockerel chicken (Deshi) grower feed formulation Age 30 Days. Cockerel chicken feed formulation Shonali chicken feed formulation Feed Staff Quantity (Kg) Corn broken 48 Reich bran/rice husk (local mill) 25 Soybean mill 20 Fish meal/fish protein 5 Limestone/oyster powder 1 Dicalcium Phosphate …

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