Renata Limited & Animal Health Product List

Renata Limited & Animal Health Product

Renata limited – Animal Health Division is the national leading animal health company in Bangladesh which encompasses therapeutics, nutritional, feed additives and innovative bioactive products. In addition, Renata products are exported to Afghanistan, Belize, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Guyana, Honduras, Hong Kong, Kenya, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Vietnam. The Company is listed on the Dhaka Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of over USD $1 billion.

The Company has ten manufacturing facilities spread over three manufacturing sites. The distribution of products is carried out by 19 depots across the country.

Company Profile

Year of Incorporation1972 as Pfizer Laboratories (Bangladesh) Limited, subsidiary of Pfizer Corporation, USA
Change of Name1993 Renamed Renata Limited after the divestment of shareholdings by Pfizer Corporation, USA
Field of BusinessManufacturing, Marketing & Distribution of Human Pharmaceuticals, Animal Health Medicines, Nutritionals, and Vaccines
Contract ManufacturingGeneral products for UNICEF and SMC
MHRA CertificateMedicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, UK has issued a Certificate of GMP Compliance of a Manufacturer to Renata Limited for our Potent Products Facility at section 7, Mirpur, Dhaka & Rajendrapur General Facility, Rajendrapur, Gazipur, Bangladesh
ANVISA CertificateThe Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA) has issued a Certificate of GMP to Renata Limited at Plot 1, Milk Vita Road, Section 7, Mirpur, Dhaka & Noyapara, Bhawal Mirzapur, Rajendrapur, Gazipur, Bangladesh
Marketing & Distribution Rights• Evans Vanodine International (UK): Animal farm disinfectants
• Zinpro Corporation (USA)
• Biomin Holding GmbH (Austria): Animal nutritional products
• Elanco(New Zealand): Animal health products
• Novus (USA): Animal health products
• Natural Herbs Ltd., India
• Syva, Spain
• Huve Pharma, SEA, Bulgaria
• Vaxxinova International BV, Netherland
• Intron Life Sciences, Thailand
• Nutrex, Belgium
• AHC, Netherlands
Corporate HeadquartersPlot # 1, Milk Vita Road, Section-7, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh

Renata Dairy Products

Renata Dairy Products

The role of Renata limited in veterinary treatment in Bangladesh is outstanding. Renata dairy products are widely used in cattle rearing and treatment. Here is a list of Renata dairy and veterinary products.


Trade Name & FormulationGeneric Name & StrengthPack Size
Renamycin AF Tablet (Tablet)Oxytetracycline USP 500mg5 x 4’s
Renamycin Injectable Solution (Injection)Oxytetracycline USP 50mg/ml10ml
Renamycin-100 with PVP (Injection)Oxytetracycline USP 100mg/ml10ml, 100ml
Renamycin LA (Injection)Oxytetracycline USP 200mg/ml10ml
Pronapen 40 lac (Injection)Procaine Penicillin BP,
Benzyl Penicillin Sodium 3MIU+1MIU
Vial 40 lac
Streptopen (Injection)Procaine Penicillin BP 1.5MIU+
Benzyl Penicillin Sodium 0.5MIU+2.5gm
Streptomycin USP
Vial 0.5g, 2.5g
Gentaren (Injection)Gentamicin Sulphate 100mg/ml10ml & 100ml
Renamox (Tablet)Amoxycillin500mg 2×10’s


Renacef (Injection)Ceftriaxone 1gm, 2gmVial 1gm & 2gm
Ceftiren (Injection)Ceftiofur Sodium 0.5gm, 1gmVial 0.5gm & 1gm


Diadin (Injection)Sulphadimidine Sodium BP 333mg/ml30ml, 100ml
Diadin (Bolus)Sulphadimidine BP 5gm10 x 2’s
Sulpha -3 (Bolus)Sulphadiazine USP 1.666gm+
Sulphadimidine BP 1.666gm+
Sulphapyridine USP 1.666gm
10 x 2’s
Renatrim (Bolus)Sulphadiazine 1000mg
Trimethoprim 200mg
10 x 2’s


Helmex (Tablet)Albendazole USP 600mg5 x 4’s
Nitronex 34% (Injection)Nitroxynil BP 340mg/ml10ml, 30ml
Tremacid (Tablet)Oxyclozanide BP 1000mg5 x 4’s
Renadex (Tablet)Triclabendazole 900mg
Levamisole 600mg
10 x 2’s


Ectorid (Injection)Imidocarb Dipropionate 133.26mg/ml10ml
Renamet Bolus (Bolus)Metronidazole 2gm//Bolus5 x 4’s


Dellergen (Injection)Promethazine HCL USP 50mg/ml10ml
Dellergen (Bolus)Promethazine HCL USP 150mg/Bolus10 x 4’s
Renacin (Injection)Chlorpheniramine Maleate 10mg/ml10ml, 100ml


Renafen (Injection)Ketoprofen 100mg/ml10ml
Pyralgin (Tablet)Paracetamol 2gm10 x 2’s
Fevenil (Injection)Tolfenamic Acid 40mg/ml10ml
Renaspirin (Powder)Carbasalate Calcium & Ascorbic Acid
7.632g & 0.748 g/10gm
10g, 100g
Melocam (Injection)Meloxicam 0.5g/100ml10ml
Melocam (Bolus)Meloxicam 100mg/Bolus10 x 4’s


Predexanol-S (Injection)Prednisolone Anhydrous USP 7.5mg/ml
Dexamethasone Trimethyl Acetate USP 2.5mg/ml


Anorexon (Tablet)Cobalt Sulphate BP 50mg
Dried Ferrous Sulfate USP 100mg
Thiamine Mononitrate USP 25mg
Vitamin B12 USP 20mcg
Choline Bitartrate BP 9.1mg
15 x 4’s
Anorexon DS (Bolus)Cobalt Sulphate BP 100mg
Dried Ferrous Sulfate USP 200mg
Thiamine Mononitrate USP 50mg
Vitamin B12 USP 40mcg
Choline Bitartrate BP 18.2mg
10 x 4’s
Rumenton (Bolus)Antimony Potassium Tartrate USP 2gm
Ferrous Sulphate USP 2gm
10 x 2’s
Stomavet (Powder)Ammonium Bi-carbonate BP 5gm
Nuxvomica Powder BP 1.4gm
Sodium Bi-carbonate BP 13gm
Gentian Powder BP 0.3gm
Ginger Powder BP 0.3gm/20gm
20g x 20


Cal-D-Mag (Injection)Calcium Gluconate USP 20.8 mg/ml
Dextrose USP 20.0 mg/ml
Magnesium Hypophosphate BP 5.0 mg/ml
Chlorocresol (as preservative) BP 0.1mg/ml
200ml, 500ml
Vitaphos (Injection)Toldimphos 200mg
Cyanocobalamine (Vit B12) BP
Catophos (Injection)Butaphosphan 100mg
Cyanocobalamine (Vit B12) BP 0.05mg/m
100ml, 30m
Levabon Rumen E (Powder)Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 100cfu/gm20kg
Rumen E (Powder)Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 100cfu/gm100gm
DCAD Minus (Powder)Magnesium sulphate 50%
Aluminium sulphate 32.5%
1 Kg
Cal-Boost gel (Gel)Ionic calcium 43.5gm/300ml
Magnesium supplement 2.5gm/300ml
300 ml


Ovurelin (Injection)Gonadorelin (as Acetate) 100mcg/ml20ml
Ovuprost (Injection)Cloprostenol (as Sodium) 250mcg/ml20ml


Hemovit (Injection)Iron 15mg
Copper 0.2mg
Cobalt 0.7mg
Vitamin B-complex 202.86mg/ml
Renasol AD3E (Injection)Vitamin A 0.5MIU,
Vitamin D3 0.075MIU, &
Vitamin E 50mg/ml
10ml, 30ml,
& 100ml

Renata Poultry Products

Renata Poultry Products

Antibiotics, Nutrition, and other poultry farm management products of Renata Limited are very common and popular in our local market. Here is an updated list of Renata poultry products.


Trade Name & FormulationGeneric Name & StrengthPack Size
Enrocin Oral SolutionEnrofloxacin 100mg/ml100ml & 1L
Micronid (Powder)Erythromycin Thiocyanate 180mg
Sulphadiazine USP 150mg
Trimethoprim USP 30mg/gm
10g, 100g
Sultrik (Powder)Sulfachloropyridazine 100 mg
Trimethoprim 20mg/gm
Mycostop (Powder)Tylosin BP 200mg/gm100g, 1kg
Doxivet (Powder)Doxycycline USP 100mg/gm100g
Renatrim (Suspension)Sulphadiazine BP 400mg
Trimethoprim BP 80mg/ml
Renamox 15% (Powder)Amoxycillin 150mg/gm100g, 500g, 1kg
Renamox 30% (Powder)Amoxycillin 150mg/gm100g, 500g, 1kg
Renaquine 10% (Powder)Flumequine INN 100mg/gm100g
Renaquine 20% (Liquid)Flumequine INN 200mg/ml100ml
Renagard 45% (Powder)Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate 450mg/gm100g
Renaflox (Powder)Ciprofloxacin 200mg/gm100g
Renaflox (Oral solution)Ciprofloxacin USP 100mg/ml100ml
Myco-Out (Water soluble powder)Erythromycin Estolate USP 36mg/gm
Neomycin Sulphate USP 51.50mg/gm
Sulphadimidine Sodium BP 107.90mg/gm
Trimethoprim USP 18mg/gm
Bromhexine Hydrochloride BP 1.66mg/gm
Tilmisin (solution)Tilmicosin Solution 25mg100ml


Avinex (powder)Levamisole HCL USP 300mg/gm100g


Coxicure (powder)Sulphaclozine Sodium
Monohydrate INN 300mg/gm
Renazuril (Suspension)Toltrazuril 25mg/ml100ml


Renalyte (powder)Vitamin A 2MIU
Sodium Bi-carbonate BP 500gm
Sodium Chloride BP 266gm
Dextrose BP 179.6gm
Potassium Chloride BP 50gm/kg
ORT Calf (Oral saline)Sodium chloride 40.13%,
Citric acid 2.43%,
potassium citrate 0.6%,
potassium monophosphate 20.7%
Paired sachet
A 9.72g &
B 22.31g


Rena WS (powder)Vit B Complex+A+D+E+C10g, 50g, 100g,1kg
Rena B+C (powder)Vitamin B Complex & Vit. C100g, 500g, 1kg
Rena C (powder)Ascorbic Acid 999.00mg/gm100g, 1kg
Rena K (powder)Menadione Sodium bisulphite 100mg/gm10g
Renasol AD3E (Oral Solution)Vitamin A, D3 + E100ml, 1L
Renavit DB (powder)Vitamin & Mineral Premix100g, 500g, 1kg
Renavit DB Plus (powder)Vitamin, Mineral & Amino Acid Premix1kg
Rena Sel-E (Oral Solution)Vitamin E + Selenium100ml, 1L


Rena Breeder (powder)Vitamin+Mineral2.5kg
Rena Broiler (powder)Vitamin+Mineral2.5kg
Rena Grower (powder)Vitamin+Mineral2.5kg
Rena Layer (powder)Vitamin+Mineral2.5kg
Rena Fish (powder)Vitamin+Mineral1 kg


Availa 4 (powder)Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Cobalt, AminoAcid,10gm,100gm, & 500gm
Availa Z/M (powder)Zinc, Manganese, Chealeted with AA, 500gm
Biotronic SE (powder)Formic Acid, Propionic Acid25kg
Biotronic SE Forte Liquid
(Oral Solution)
Formic Acid, Propionic Acid, Lactic Acid100ml, 1L
Mycofix Plus 3.0 (powder)SBM+Epoxidase+Esterase
1kg & 25kg
Mycofix Select 3.0 (powder)SBM, Epoxidase, Phytogenic, Phycophytic1kg & 25kg
Mycofix ECO 3.0 (powder)SBM+Phytogenic 1kg & 25kg
Mycofix Secure (powder)Bentonite 100%25kg
Biomin Phytase 5000 (powder)Phytase Enzyme 5000FTU/gm25kg
Rena Phytase 400 (powder)Phytase Enzyme 400FTU/gm1kg
Lisovit (powder)Muramidase+Peroxidase FOS+Vitamin E+C10gm, 100gm & 1kg
Renagest (Oral Solution)Vitamin, Mineral, Amino Acid100ml, 500ml
Poultry TMO (powder)Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Iron, Iodine, Selenium, MHA25kg
Mintrex PSe (powder)Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Selenium, MHA25kg
Cibenza DP 100 (powder)Special Protease Enzyme 0.6MIU/gm25kg
Poultry Star Sol (powder)Probiotic & Prebiotic10gm
Poultry Star me (powder)Probiotic & Prebiotic25kg
NephCare Plus (Oral solution)Nephrotonic100ml, 500m
Digesterom PEP MGE (powder)Phytogenic Growth Promoter25kg
Digesterom PEP 125 (powder)Phytogenic Growth Promoter25kg
Ozinc Plus-18 (solution)Organic Zinc 85mg/ml100ml
Ren A Tox (solution)Liquid Toxin binder100ml, 1L
Rena Cal p (solution)Calcium+Phosphorous1L, 5L
Renaliv (solution)Herbal Liver Tonic1L
Respocare (solution)Herbal Expectorant100ml, 250ml
FAM 30 (Liquid)Iodophore100ml, 1L
GPC8 (Liquid)Gluataraldehyde+QAC100ml, 1L
Shift (solution)Trisodium based Detergent 113mg/ml1L, 25L,
Rena Cal-P
(Water soluble powder)
Calcium, Phosphorous, Vitamin C, B12500g & 1Kg
Renazyme CS (solution)Multi-enzyme100m
Availa Zn 120 (Powder)Zinc amino acid complex100gmX10’s
GasFree (Powder)Saponin+Glycocompound100gmX10’s
Heparen (solution)Choline chloride & Vitamin BT/ Levocarnitine500 ml
Kol Suspension (Oral solution)Activated Charcoal500ml

Renata Vaccine Products

Renata Vaccine Products

Vaccination is an important part of poultry farming. ND, IB, EDS, Coryza, and other vaccines


Trade Name & FormulationGeneric Name & StrengthPack Size
IZOVAC Clone (Lyophilized)Attenuated NDV Clone 106 EID1000 Doses
IZOVAC Lasota (Lyophilized)Attenuated NDV1000 Doses
IZOVAC H120 Clone (Lyophilized)Attenuated NDV & Attenuated IBV1000 Doses
IZOVAC H120 Lasota (Lyophilized)Attenuated NDV & Attenuated IBV1000 Doses
IZOVAC Gumboro2 (Lyophilized)Attenuated intermediate IBDV1000 Doses
IZOVAC Marek HVT +Diluent (Lyophilized)Attenuated MDV serotype 31000 Doses


IZOVAC ND (Injection)Inactivated NDV- Lasota 50PD1000 Doses
IZOVAC ND-EDS (Injection)Inactivated NDV, Inactivated EDS virus1000 Doses
IZOVAC ND-EDS-IB (Injection)Inactivated ND virus, Inactivated EDS virus &
Inactivated IB virus
1000 Doses
IZOVAC Coryza3 (Injection)Inactivated Infectious, Coryza (IC)1000 Doses
IZOVAC ND-IBD (Injection)Inactivated ND virus & Inactivated IBD virus1000 Doses


Trade Name & FormulationGeneric Name & StrengthPack Size
Aquastar Pond (Powder)Water Probiotic500gm, 1kg
Biomin Aquaboost (Powder)Amino Acid Complex1000gm, 25kg
Hepa Protect Aqua (Powder)Flavanoids100gm, 25kg
Oxy-Ren (Powder)Sodium Carbonate Peroxhydrate1kg
Aquastar grow out (Powder)Gut Probiotic100gm
Levabon Aqua (Powder)Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1012 cfu/gm100gmX5’s
Zeoren (Granular)Alluminium sodium silicate10kg
Gas Free (Powder)Yucca Schidigera100g
Ammorid (Liquid)Nitrifying & Denitrifying bacteria (Probiotics)1 L
Realbind (Liquid)Binding Agent1 L
Ultipro Soil Probiotics5 L
Rena-C AquaAscorbic Acid 99gm/ 100gm1kg

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