ACI DCP Gold Powder


ACI DCP GOLD powder is a mineral-rich nutrient premix. The main ingredient in DCP Gold Powder is Di-Calcium Phosphate. The medicine is made by adding other essential minerals to this dye calcium phosphate. Dicalcium Phosphate contains 22% calcium and 18% phosphorus.

Product details of ACI DCP Gold

Generic Name & StrengthDi-Calcium Phosphate – 90%
Magnesium sulfate – 2%
Sodium Chloride – 6%
Nano Zinc Oxide – 0.02%
Iodine, casein, and fructooligosaccharide – 0.02%
Trace Element – 1.96%
ProducerACI Animal Health
MarketerACI Animal Health
Pack size1 kg and 5 kg
Price (retail price)1 kg- 120.00 tk

Usage instructions of ACI DCP GOLD


  1. Replenishes calcium and phosphorus deficiency.
  2. Makes up for the lack of minerals.
  3. Cows increase milk production.
  4. Increases fertility.


  1. Replenishes calcium and phosphorus and minerals.
  2. Pika and Thokra Thukri strengthen cannabisism.
  3. Helps in weight gain of broilers.


  1. Fish makes up for the mineral deficiency.
  2. Increases weight

Dosage/Terms of use

Poultry: 1-5 kg per 1000 kg of feed.
Bulls and cows: 15 grams per 100 kg of feed.
Goats and sheep: 1 gram per 5 kg body weight, with feed.
Fish: 1-5 kg per ton of feed.

DCP is a feed-grade product. It can use every type of animal feed.

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