Feed Company in Bangladesh 2022- A Shortlist

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Feed company in Bangladesh 2022. There are over one thousand feed mills in Bangladesh. There are more than 300 large commercial feed companies. Most feed companies in Bangladesh produce dairy poultry and fish feed. However, some companies do not produce dairy feed.

The most popular feed company in Bangladesh

There are 60 most popular feed companies in Bangladesh. These companies produce huge amounts of animal feed. These feeds are used in small and medium farms. Most of the farms in Bangladesh are dependent on ready feed. Feed mills the most produce broiler feed and fish feed.

feed company in Bangladesh
Feed Company in Bangladesh
S.NCompany NameFeed NameTypes of feed
01Agro Industrial Trust (AIT)AIT FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
02Agata Feed Mills Ltd.Agata FeedPoultry & Fish Feeds
03Aftab Feed Products Ltd.Aftab FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
04AG Agro Industries Ltd.A1 FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
05Agrotech Feeds Ltd.Agrotech feed
06Advanced Poultry & Fish Feeds Ltd.Advanced FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
07Aman Feed Ltd.Aman FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
08Aleya Feeds Ltd.Aleya FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
09ACI Godreg Agrovet Private Limited.ACI FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
10Alal Poultry & Fish Feed Ltd.71 FeedPoultry & Fish Feeds
11Afil Feed Mills Ltd.Afil FeedPoultry & Fish Feeds
12Bengal Feed & Fisheries LtdBengal FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
13BRAC Feed MillsCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
14Baly Chicken Hatchery & Poultry.
15Bishwas Agro & Fish Feed Ltd.
16C.P. Bangladesh Co,. Ltd.Hi-Pro FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
17City Poultry and Fish Feed Ltd.Teer FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
18Capital Feeds Ltd.Capital Feed
19Dhaka Multi Feeds LtdDhaka Feed
20Eoan GroupEuro FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
21Gram Bangla Poultry & Fish Feed Ltd.Gram Bangla Feed
22Gazipur Feeds Ltd.Gazipur Feed
23Jayson Agrovet Ltd
24KNB Agro Industries Limited (KNB)KNB FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
25Kulsum Feed Ltd.Kulsum Feed
26Krishipannya Feeds Ltd.
27Krishibid Feed Ltd.
28Kazi Farms LimitedKazi FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
29Lion Feeds LimitedLion Feed
30M. M. Agha Limited
31Meghna Group of IndustriesFresh Feed
32Nourish Poultry & Hatchery Ltd.Nourish FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
33National Feed Mill Ltd.National Feed
34New Hope Feed Mill Bangladesh Ltd.New Hope Feed
35Nilsagor Feed Mills Ltd.Poultry & Fish Feed
36Omega Agro BD.Omega Feed
37Provita Feed LtdProvita FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
38Popular Poultry & Fish Feeds Ltd.Popular FeedPoultry & Fish Feeds
39Paragon GroupParagon FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
40Pocha Poultry and Feeds Ltd.Pocha Feed
41Padma Feed & Chicks Ltd.
42Quality Feeds LimitedQuality FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
43Rafid Poultry & Hatchery Ltd.Rafid Feed
44R.B Agro Ltd.
45R.R.P Argo Farms.RRP FeedPoultry & Fish Feed
46Raj Quality Feed Mill Ltd
47SMS Feeds Limited.SMS Feed
48Spectra Hexa Feeds Ltd.Mega FeedFish Feed
49Satkhira Feed Mill Ltd.
50Saudi Bangla Fish Feed Ltd.
51Shushama Feed Limited.
52Suguna Food and Feeds Bangladesh Private Ltd.Suguna FeedCattle, Poultry & Fish Feeds
53Sunny Feeds LimitedSunny Gold FeedPoultry & Fish Feed
54Tamim AgroCare FeedPoultry & Fish Feed
55Total Feed Mill Ltd.
56The Aristocrat Agro LtdLily FeedFish Feed
57Tongwei Feed Mill Bangladesh Ltd.
58United Feeds Ltd.
59Unique Hatchery & Feeds LtdUnique Feed
60Uttara Feeds LtdVenkys FeedPoultry & Fish Feed

Table- Feed Company in Bangladesh 2022

Feed companies supply feeds across the country through their dealers. These feeds cannot be stored for more than three months.

Feed Types

Feeds can be divided into three categories based on their shape and structure.

  • Crumble
  • Pellet and
  • Mash

Animal Feeds for Species

  • Broiler Starter
  • Broiler Grower
  • Broiler Finisher
  • Layer starter
  • Layer grower
  • Layer Layer 1
  • Layer Layer 2
  • Shonali Grower
  • Duck Grower
  • Duck Layer Layer
  • Kowal feed
  • Beef Fattening feed
  • Dairy Feed
  • Fish feed (Dubonto)
  • Fish Feed (Vashoman)
  • Fish feed (Telapia, Pangash, Koi, Pabda, many other fish)

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