E coli in poultry: Treatment & Prevention

E coli in poultry : Treatment & Prevention is very harmful disease in poultry farming. Escherichia coli is a bacterium that causes E. coli or colibacillosis in poultry. Chickens of all ages are affected by this disease.

E. coli in poultry
E coli in poultry

Introduction to the E coli in poultry

Name of the diseaseColibacillosis / E. coli
Type of diseaseBacterial diseases of chickens
The name of the germEscherichia coli
Mortality rateLess
Transition timeAt any age
TreatmentIs completely healed.

Means of transmission

The disease can be spread through food and water.
Carriers can infect the baby through chickens or infected hen eggs.
Such germs can infect a healthy patient at any time from the objects around the chicken.

Symptoms of E coli in poultry

The chicken has difficulty in breathing.
Infected birds do not want to walk, health deteriorates.
Later he started to die slowly.
Sometimes there is a thin stool and water accumulates in the stomach.
White glue is found in the anus.
Any part of the reproductive system can come out in the way of the chicken’s stool.
Egg production of laying hens is reduced.

Postmortem report

Inflammation and swelling of the intestines are seen.
Water can be seen in the lower abdomen and putrid odor can be found from the lower abdomen.
Fibrin can be found on the liver, heart and lower abdomen.

Treatment of E coli in poultry

Treatment can be given by applying any one of the antibiotics mentioned below. An experienced poultry consultant or veterinarian must be consulted before applying the medicine.

Miramid- 1 gram per liter of drinking water should be fed for three to five days.
Vet at Cipro- Mix 1 gram per liter of drinking water and feed for three to five days.
Cosmix Plus- Mix 2.0 to 2.5 grams per liter of drinking water and feed for three to five days.
Micronid- Mix 1 to 2 grams per liter of drinking water and feed for three to five days.

Ways to prevent disease

The disease can be prevented by controlling the means by which the disease can spread. Poultry farms should always be managed hygienically.

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