A Brief History of Veterinary Treatment

History of Veterinary Treatment

The history of veterinary treatment is many years old. Livestock has been considered important since the beginning of civilization. Veterinary treatment is thought to have originated in Egypt. A man named Kahn from ancient Egypt gave information about ancient animal medicine.

History of Veterinary Treatment

In the Middle Ages, when the French began treating horses and teaching sutures in 1356, the mayor of the city of London became concerned about the low quality of their horses and set up a horse development center in collaboration with the French.

In 1674, cattle mortality began in France. The Animal School was later established in 1761. The first ancient veterinary school was established in the city of Lyon in 1762. The school later gained international recognition for its important role in veterinary medicine.

Animal schools were established in Germany, Sweden, and Denmark over the next 10 years. The Veterinary College was established in London in 1791 and veterinary science developed at a professional level. Among the animals, they gave more importance to the horse. Because horses were used in the army. Later he started giving importance to cattle, others, and dogs.

History of veterinary treatment in USA

The Veterinary College was established in 1852 in Philadelphia, USA. In 1863 the American Veterinary Medical Association was founded. From 1884 to 1900, the livestock of America was controlled through this association. The organization’s mission was to protect people from infectious diseases through contaminated meat, eradicate diseases in animals, and improve the quality of livestock. Veterinary became a modern profession in the 1900s.

History of veterinary treatment in India

Since then, veterinary colleges and universities have been established in almost all the countries of the world. Even several veterinary universities have been established in India. West Bengal Veterinary College was started in Kolkata in 1893. At that time Bengal Veterinary College had a three-year diploma course.

History of veterinary treatment in Bangladesh

Earlier, there was no veterinary educational institution in Bangladesh. After the partition of India, on 1 November 1947, the government of Pakistan established a Veterinary College in Comilla for the then East Pakistan. A three-year Diploma in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery DVM course was introduced in this college under Dhaka University.

In 1951 the college was shifted from Comilla to the Tejgaon area of ​​Dhaka and a 5-year LVS course was introduced there. Then in 1956 the college was shifted from Tejgaon to Mymensingh and renamed as East Pakistan Veterinary College. Which is now known as Bangladesh Agricultural University.

At present DVM Degree, BSc Vet, Science & A HD Degree, and BSc A Degree are being offered from about 12 universities and colleges in the country.

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