Dicalcium Phosphate Feed Grade- manufacturer & price

Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP)

Dicalcium phosphate feed grade manufacturer and price information. DCP is an acronym for Dicalcium Phosphate. It contains 22% calcium and 18% phosphorus. Which meets the calcium and phosphorus needs of animal feeds.

What is Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP) and why use it?

Calcium and phosphorus are important in the diet of all animals and birds. It is the main source of calcium and phosphorus in feed. Because only calcium is available from calcium carbonate and not phosphorus.

But the body of cattle should have calcium and phosphorus in the ratio of 3: 1 respectively. As such, even if there is enough calcium in the food, if there is less phosphorus, it will not be absorbed by the animal body.

And so DCP must be added when making animal concentrate feed.

Dicalcium Phosphate Feed Grade
Dicalcium Phosphate Feed Grade

Rules for use in feeds

Depending on the type of cattle, breed, age, production stage, and other components of the diet.

Broiler starter – 1-2 kg/ton feed.
Broiler Growers – 2-3 kg/ton feed.
Broiler finisher – 1-2 kg/ton feed.
Layer – 1-2 kg per ton of food
Golden Grower – 1-2 kg of food.
Cattle feed – 1-2 kg/ton of food.
Cows – 1-3 kg per ton of food.

Monocalcium Phosphate (MCP)

MCP is a similar feed-grade calcium and phosphorus supplement. Where calcium is found in 18% and phosphorus is found in 22%. This means that MCP contains more phosphorus than calcium. And its price is also comparatively belly.

Dicalcium phosphate feed grade manufacturer India

R.A. Enterprises (Gujarat)

F/35 Umiyanagar Duplex, New Sama Road,
Vadodara, Gujarat. 390008
Phone: +91 9998982951
Website: http://www.raenterprises.co.in/

Dicalcium phosphate feed grade price in India

Dicalcium phosphate feed grade price not more than Rs. 50.00/kg in India. Wholesales price Rs. 30.00-40.00/kg. Packing should be HDDP or poly bag. If you want to buy a 1 kg pack, Your price should be 80-100 rupia/kg.

DCP manufacturer in Bangladesh

No more DCP manufacturers in Bangladesh. Totally depended on the importer. Many companies are doing this. Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Aci Limited, Arifs Bangladesh Ltd, and many feed manufacturers import dcp through China, the USA, India, and other countries.

  1. Square DCP Plus 25 kg (Square)
  2. ACI DCP Gold, 1kg/5kg pack (ACI)
  3. DCP Plus, 1kg/5kg/10kg (Opsonin)

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