8 Symptoms of Duck Plague Disease

Symptoms of Duck Plague Disease

8 Symptoms of duck plague disease. Ducks are generally less susceptible to disease than chickens. Duck plague and duck cholera are among them. Viruses cause both of these diseases. The mortality of ducks with this disease is very high. This disease is easily cured with proper treatment. The prevalence of this disease is increased in …

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Mustard oil cake

Mustard oil cake

The use of mustard oil cake in cattle feed is very popular. In terms of nutritional content and benefits, mustard seeds have no match. Mustard oil cake is also the best in terms of price. In terms of protein, it is close to a sesame meal or soybean meal, but the price is much lower. …

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Plant protein sources for animal feeds

Plant protein sources

Plant protein sources for animal feeds. The majority of protein in animal feeds comes from plant sources. Plant proteins are easily digested and aid in production. Different parts of plants contain an abundance of proteins. Plant protein sources contain less protein than animal protein sources. Plant proteins are always cheap and readily available. Plants provide …

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Sources of protein in animal feed.

Sources of protein

Sources of protein in animal feed. They are generally classified as protein feed if it contains more than 18% crude protein of the total weight of ingredients. Protein is an essential nutrient, especially for young fast growing animals and high-producing adults. Protein supplements are generally more expensive than energy supplements. What is protein Different amino …

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Nitroxynil Vet Injection

Nitroxynil Vet Injection

Nitroxynil Vet is a deworming Injection for cattle. This veterinary product is made and marketed by ACI Animal Health. About Nitroxynil Vet Injection Ingredients:Each ml contains Nitroxynil BP 250 mg Instructions:Nitroxynil injection is used in the treatment of fascioliasis in vet cattle and sheep. Besides, it is effective against various species of hookworms in cattle …

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Leghorn Chicken

Leghorn chickens

Leghorn chickens are probably one of the most popular chicken breeds due to their ability to produce around 300 – 320 eggs per year. Until recently, this breed was the most important in commercial egg production, with about 24 recognized breeds. Because of their extensive egg-laying ability, they are the number one breed used for …

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