Wheat bran for cattle feed, usage and price

Wheat bran for cattle feed

Wheat bran for cattle feed, usage and price in India 2021. Wheat bran is an excellent quality cow feed. Wheat bran is best for ruminants. It is unique in terms of nutritional value and digestion of wheat bran. The price of wheat bran is relatively high.

Nutritional value of wheat bran

Wheat bran for cattle feed and its nutritional value is very good. Wheat bran has a balanced amount of protein, fat, fiber and energy, so the use of this bran as cow’s food is very important in the context of India, Bangladesh & Pakistan.

Although its nutritional value is not known by the farmers, the use of this husk has become popular as the farm has got good results by using it. Below is an idea about nutrition.

Analysis wheat bran for cattle feed

The amount of nutrients-

Dry matter 87%
Digestive Nutrients 65-70%
Crude protein 12-16%
Crude fiber 13-15%
NDF 65%
ADF 14.5%
Lignin 3.8%
Calcium 0.17%
Phosphorus 0.93%
Magnesium 0.53%
Potassium 1.32%
Sodium 0.04%
Chlorine 0.18%
Sulfur 0.21%
Iron 156 ppm
Manganese 122 ppm
Zinc 85 ppm
Metabolic Energy 9.5 Mg / kg

Benefits of wheat bran for cattle feed

This bran is one of the healthiest and most widely used ingredients in animal feed worldwide. Wheat seed husk is the thin outer shell or husk. Judging by the nutritional value, this bran is unique as animal feed.

There are some special health benefits. And has special water absorption capacity. That is why wheat bran has a special role in eliminating constipation of cattle.

This bran contains balanced amino acids and sufficient amount of special type of phosphorus which can be easily absorbed by the cow rumen. The most important feature of this bran is that it contains non-starchy carbohydrates which do not produce excess acid in beef, which corn does.

Wheat bran for cattle feed
Wheat bran for cattle feed

Uses, dosages and precautions

Since it does not cause excess acidity in the stomach of the cow, it has to be fed in larger quantities than other feed ingredients. Up to 50% of this bran can be used in a normal balanced diet.

Excessive feeding can lead to hot stomach or thin stools as well as digestive problems. It is better to use 15-20% for cattle considering the price. When wheat husk is old and insects are added, the stomach of the cow becomes smooth.

And so the nutritional value of wheat bran is good and fresh wheat bran should be purchased for cows.

Direct use as cattle feed

There is no harm to the cow if it is used directly as cattle feed. In many farms of India cows are fed this husk directly. Since the price of this bran is relatively high, it is better to mix it with other foods.

Almost all the farms in our country feed the cows by sprinkling husk with straw and grass. This makes the cows interested in eating hay and grass and also increases the nutritional value of the food.

On family farms, cows are reared by feeding only straw and husk.

Used in cow fattening

There is no substitute for providing balanced feed to cows to fatten them. But on small and family farms where one or two cows are fattened, the farmer does not want to bother to make granular feed or does not have time.

In that case only wheat husk is fed with straw or grass. Because the nutritional value of wheat bran is such that it is directly a cow food.

Almost all the protein, fat, fiber and calories required in the diet of cattle are found in this husk.

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