Sources of protein in animal feed.

Sources of protein

Sources of protein in animal feed. They are generally classified as protein feed if it contains more than 18% crude protein of the total weight of ingredients. Protein is an essential nutrient, especially for young fast growing animals and high-producing adults. Protein supplements are generally more expensive than energy supplements.

What is protein

Different amino acid chains join together in peptide bonds to form proteins. Cows, goats, ducks, chickens, and fish all get protein from their diet. And this protein contains amino acids. Cattle or chicken proteins absorb amino acids into the body. This acid is useful in all production including physical growth.

Not all proteins contain equal or balanced amounts of this acid. Protein quality depends on the number of amino acids. The protein which contains a more balanced amount of amino acids is called the best-quality protein.

This acid is found in high and balanced levels of corn meal and soybeans.

Sources of Protein

Protein supplements can also be classified by source:

  1. Plant proteins
  2. Animal protein
  3. Non-protein nitrogen and
  4. Single-cell proteins.

Plants provide more than 90% of the protein in livestock rations. Most of the plant protein comes from processed oilseeds.

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