Rice bran for animal feed

Rice bran for animal feed

Rice bran is one of the main feed ingredients for making animal feeds. It is commonly used for cows, goats, ducks, layers, broilers, and fish feed. This ingredient is also known by different names like auto polish, polish, rice polish, rice polish powder, rice bran, etc. Rice bran is largely used for cattle and pig feeds.

Nutritional analysis of rice bran

It is usually produced during polishing rice. Rice Bran contains 13% Crude protein and 14% to 20% Crude Fat. It also contains many amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, and several other necessary minerals. As a good nutrient for animal feed. Rice bran is also widely used in animal feeding like poultry & cattle.

Dry Matter- 88 %
Crude Protein-12 %
Crude Fat-12 %
Crude Fiber- 5 %
Calcium- 0.06 %
Phosphorus- 1.30 %
Methionine- 0.25 %
Lysine- 0.60 %
Choline- 1000 mg./kg
Linoleic Acid —
Metabolic Energy- 2800 (Kcal/kg)

Rice bran for cattle feed

Rice bran is not only the best feed ingredient but also the best nutrition for cattle. Its organic fat and digestible fiber help to maintain growth and milk production.

Ratio to use

  • Calf starter: 5-10%
  • Calf grower: 10-20%
  • Beef cattle: 20-30%
  • Dairy cattle: 30-40%

Rice bran for poultry feed

Some of the amounts of rice bran can be used in poultry feed. A low amount of fiber for poultry feed is mainly used for fat levels. Ratio to use in poultry feed-

  • Broiler feed: 10-12%
  • Layer feed: 5-15%
  • Duck feed 20-30%

Rice bran for horses

Horses eat a lot of food. In addition to grazing all day, they can eat up to 10 pounds of grain per day. The term “bran” refers to pericarp, seed coat, or germ that remains when the grain is polished. So, “rice bran” is the remains when rice is polished.

Rice bran for deer

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