Quail farm’s feed formulation

Quail farm

Quail farm’s feed formulation chart. The Quail is basically a Japanese bird. But our country has gained a lot of popularity. This is because it can be observed in less space. If you want, you can do it commercially again. It is very easy to make from small farms to large sizes.

Quail Farms

There are different types of quail farms. It can be seen that many farms only keep quail farms for egg production. Again there are many farms that produce only chicks. On the other hand, there are many farms that quail only for meat.

Quail farm feed formulation

There is a difference in the diet of quail birds depending on the age The baby quail, usually from zero to twenty-five days old, need to be given starter feed. Grower feed is to be given after the starter feed Grower feed will continue till the seventh day of quail laying Then you will need 7 of layer feed After finishing the grower feed, the quail should be given layer feed

Feed StaffQuantity (Kg)
Corn broken52
Reich bran/rice husk (local mill)22
Soybean mill20
Fish meal/fish protein3
Limestone/oyster powder3
Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP)0.5
Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)0.2
Vitamin-Mineral Premix0.2
Toxin binder+Mold0.15
Total100 kg

As quail birds are small in size, their rearing is very easy Quail birds can be reared in more than one way One is quail rearing in the litter system and the other is cage quail rearing.

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