Proteins for animals & fish

Proteins for animals

Proteins for animals & fish. Protein is an important nutrient for animal feeds. Proteins help to grow and produce in livestock animals and fish. Every animal’s feed must have the required level of protein. There are two sources of protein for making animal feeds. Animal sources and plant sources. Fish protein is the best choice of poultry and fish feed.

Structure of protein

Proteins are polymers of amino acids. 23 Types of amino acids are bind with the peptide bond and make a chain. So we called, Protein is a chain of amino acids.

Proteins for animals

The function of proteins are-

  1. Protein is essential for the structure and function of every living cell.
  2. Helps the body prevent decay and growth.
  3. The white part of the chicken egg is very important in building muscle.
  4. Energy is generated from proteins.
  5. Protein meets the body’s need for amino acids.
  6. The body produces heat energy.

Proteins for animals feed

Feed NameProtein
Broiler feed21-23 %
Layer feed16-18 %
Deshi/Shonali feed15-17 %
Cattle feed18-20 %
Fish feed26-32 %

Sources of Proteins for animals

  1. Soybean meal
  2. Full fat Soybean
  3. Coconut oil cake
  4. Mustard oil cake
  5. Rapseed meal
  6. Pam carnel
  7. Sesamoil Cake
  8. Cotton seed meal
  9. Fish meal 60%
  10. Fish meal 65%
  11. Protein concentrate 60%
  12. Meat and bone meal
  13. Poultry meal
  14. Corn steep liquor
  15. Black solser fly larva

Fish meal

Fish meal is a high source of protein and organic minerals. Mainly fish meal is the by-product of the fish processing industry. It contains up to 65% protein and uses 5 to 20 percent in poultry feed.

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