Plant protein sources for animal feeds

Plant protein sources

Plant protein sources for animal feeds. The majority of protein in animal feeds comes from plant sources. Plant proteins are easily digested and aid in production. Different parts of plants contain an abundance of proteins.

Plant protein sources contain less protein than animal protein sources. Plant proteins are always cheap and readily available. Plants provide a large portion of the protein in the diets of livestock, poultry, and fish.

Plant protein sources

Oilseeds and their by-products are commonly used in animal feed. These ingredients contain protein as well as a small amount of fat. These crops include-

  1. Soybean meal
  2. Mustard oil cake
  3. Sunflower meal
  4. Sesame meal
  5. Groundnut meal
  6. Coconut meal
  7. Cottonseed meal

Some plant proteins come from the production of starchy crops. Starch production from corn produces corn gluten meal (CGM) as a by-product, which carries 40-45% protein.


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