Nutrition of Groundnut/Peanut meal as an ingredient for livestock feed

Peanut meal or cake

Groundnut or peanut meal is a byproduct of the production of groundnut oil and is a valuable ingredient in the diets of many types of livestock. Peanut meal is a plant-based protein source for animal feeds.

Nutrition of peanut meal

The meal is high in protein, with a protein content of around 40-50%, making it a useful source of protein for livestock, particularly for monogastric such as pigs and poultry.

The protein in groundnut meal is of good quality, containing all of the essential amino acids, including lysine and methionine, which are often limiting in other plant protein sources.

Average nutrient value

M. Energy: 3109 Kcal/Kg
Crude Protein: 45.03 %/Kg
Crude Fiber: 0.00 %/Kg
Crude Fat: 1.20 %/Kg
Calcium: 0.39 %/Kg
Phosphorus: 0.58 %/Kg
Lysine: 1.44 %/Kg
Methionine: 0.50 %/Kg

Groundnut meal is also a good source of energy, providing a high level of metabolic energy (ME) per unit of weight.

This makes it an ideal ingredient for use in diets for animals that require high levels of energy, such as growing pigs and poultry. Additionally, groundnut meal contains a high level of fat, which is an important energy source for animals.

Groundnut meal also contains a good balance of minerals, including phosphorus and potassium, which are essential for the growth and development of animals.

It also contains a small amount of calcium, which is important for the maintenance of strong bones and teeth.

Anti-nutritional factors of peanut meal

However, groundnut meal also contains anti-nutritional factors, such as trypsin inhibitors and tannins, which can reduce the digestibility of protein and other nutrients. These anti-nutritional factors can be reduced by heat treatment, such as roasting, to reduce their effects.

Groundnut meal is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of livestock feeds. It can be included in feeds for pigs, poultry, and ruminants, and can also be used as a protein source in aquaculture feeds.

In poultry, it is often used as a protein source for broilers and layer diets, as well as for piglet feeds. For ruminants, it is commonly used as a protein source for dairy cows, as well as for growing and finishing cattle.

It’s a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of livestock feeds, including for pigs, poultry, and ruminants. The use of groundnut or peanut meal in livestock feeds can help to improve the efficiency of animal production and promote animal health.

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