No Masti Plus For Mastitis in Dairy Cows

No Masti Plus

No Masti Plus is a reliable and effective medicine to prevent mastitis in dairy cows. Mastitis is a very common disease in dairy cow farms. It is also a harmful disease. No-Masti Plus is an animal health product of ACI.

No Masti Plus Composition

Each 100 gm powder contains:

Bacillus Subtilis 3.2×106 CFU,
1-Monolorin 60.00 gm,
Nano Zinc Oxide 5.00 gm,
Sweet chestnut extract 5,00 gm,
DL-Methionine 1.50 gm,
Calcium Carbonate 8.50 gm,
Essential Oil q.s. to


Prevents and controls all types of mastitis in all mammals.

Dosage & Administration

Use No Masti Plus for pregnant and lactating cattle:

Large animals (Cow, Buffalo, Camel & Horse): 25-30 gm twice daily for 3-5 days.

Small animals (Goat, Sheep, Dog & Cat): 5-10 gm twice daily 3-5 days.

or as advised by the registered veterinarian.

Others information

Pack Size: 100 gm sachet.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place protected from light. Keep out the reach of children.

Factors of Mastitis

Cow Factors

  • Genotype
  • Immune responsiveness
  • Parity
  • Stage of lactation
  • Anatomical characteristics of udder
  • etc.

Management Practices

  • Housing condition
  • Milking hygiene
  • Nutritional management
  • Stressors
  • etc.

Invading Microorganisms

  • Microbe-microbe cross talks
  • Virulence factors
  • Triggering of pro and anti-inflammatory responses

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