Necessary large animal veterinary equipment

large animal veterinary equipment

Necessary large animal veterinary equipment or tools are most important for veterinary treatment. Successful veterinary treatment requires some essential equipment.

Large animal veterinary equipment

Following are the tools required in animal diagnosis and veterinary treatment.

  1. Apron: If you wear this treatment, there is no chance of clothes getting damaged.
  2. Gumboot: There is no chance of injury to the physician’s feet using this.
  3. Clinical Thermometer: It is used to determine the body temperature of animals.
  4. Stethoscope: It is used to listen to the breathing and heartbeat of animals.
  5. Syringe and Needle: These are used to apply or push any injection into the animal’s body.
  6. Casting rope: This is needed to control the animal.
  7. Mortar and Pestle: Used to grind many medicines.
  8. Drainage bottle: Safe bottle for oral feeding.
  9. Chute: It is used to control or hold the animal for experiments and injections.
  10. Surgical Handle and Blade: Used to cut something in an operation or animal.
  11. Handle with Blade: Used for operation or cutting something.
  12. Scissors: Used for operation or cutting something.
  13. Abscess knife: Used to cut animal abscesses.
  14. Artery Forceps: It is helpful during operation and also when a small vein or artery is cut from any part of the body, it is used to hold it with pressure and stop the bleeding.
  15. Forceps: Used for operations or to pick up or grasp something like an insect in the body.
  16. Surgical tray (Surgical tray): It is used for keeping gauze, cotton, tincture iodine, tincture benzoin, dusting powder, etc.
  17. Surgical Saw: Used to cut animal bones or horns or hooves.
  18. Hoof Cutter: It is used to cut the hooves of animals equal or larger.
  19. Burdizoo`s Castrator: It is used to avoid cows and cattle.
  20. Stomach Tube: It is used to remove excessive gas in the animal’s stomach. Besides, if something gets stuck in the esophagus, it can be pushed through the tube and inserted inside.
  21. Veterinary Bag: The equipment can be stored in the doctor.
  22. Cool box: Transport of vaccines, different types of samples are transported.
  23. Hand gloves: Used for operation and rectal palpation of large animals.
  24. Dutch can with Pipe: Used for washing the uterus or preputial sac of animals.
  25. Teat syphone: It is used to extract milk when the animal’s butt is closed.
  26. Cervix dilator: Used to dilate the cervix during labor.
  27. Uterine dilator: Used for uterine dilation complicated by childbirth.
  28. Whelping forceps: Forceps used in complications of delivery in puppies.
  29. Vaginal speculum: Vaginal Mucus
  30. Eye hook: These are sharp or blunt. Sharp eye hook) is used for dead fetuses and blunt eye hook is used for live babies. Eye hook is attached to a snare and applied to the inner canthus of the eye of the fetus.
  31. Cammerer`s setorsion fork: Used to rotate the fetus in the longitudinal axis when the uterus is stretched.
  32. Fetotomy wire: This is a wire used to cut the fetus. The maximum length of this wire is 10 feet through which the fetal part is cut out.
  33. Calving rope: Used to pull out the baby during delivery.
  34. Farrowing forceps: It is used to deliver piglets.
  35. Moore’s chain: These are used to pull out the fetal part.
  36. Snare Introducer (Sneyar Introducer): During dystocia management, various parts of the fetus are used to trap.
  37. Muir’s chain handle: These are used to tension the chain.
  38. Krey schottler hook: Used to pull out the fetus when the legs of the fetus are not available, which is always done by trapping the bony portion.
  39. HK calf puller: Used to pull out the baby during dystocia.
  40. Thygesen`s fetotome: The wire saw has two separate tubes.
  41. Guarded Embryotome: Used to remove ascites, anasarca, and emphysematous fetuses by reducing fetal fluid and gas in the uterus.
  42. Gunther’s finger knife: Used for Intra uterine embryotomy operation.
  43. William`s long obstetrical hook: This instrument is used in embryotomy operations where the hand cannot reach and where the limb is slippery.
  44. Pratt vulsellum forceps: Used to remove the back of the cervix during surgical operation and to apply medication through the vagina.
  45. Kuhn’s Crutch Repeller: It is used for easy manipulation of the fetus in the uterus.
  46. Uterine Scissor: Intrauterine surgical operation is used.
  47. Ultrasound scanning

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