Mustard oil cake

Mustard oil cake

The use of mustard oil cake in cattle feed is very popular. In terms of nutritional content and benefits, mustard seeds have no match. Mustard oil cake is also the best in terms of price. In terms of protein, it is close to a sesame meal or soybean meal, but the price is much lower. The mustard meal is widely used for livestock and fish feeds.

Nutritional value of mustard oil cake

Nutrient content –

Dry matter (Dry Matter) % 90.00
Crude Protein (Crude Protein) % 32.50
Crude Fat (Crude Fat) % 8.50
Crude Fiber (Crude Fiber) % 11.50
Calcium (Calcium) % 0.71
Phosphorus (Phosphorus) % 1.00
Methionine % 0.63
Lysine (Lysine) % 1.73
Choline (Choline) mg./kg 6700
Linoleic Acid (Linoleic Acid) 0.10
Metabolic Energy (Kcal/kg 2130).

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