List of Poultry Diseases

Poultry Diseases

We need to have a proper understanding of poultry diseases. These poultry diseases can cause chicken death and reduced production. Here we discuss a list of poultry diseases.

Types of Poultry Diseases

Poultry diseases are a major concern for those who raise chickens. Many diseases can cause death to the birds or reduce production. We will now look at some of the different types of poultry diseases that you need to be aware of.

Diseases can be divided into the following categories.

  1. Viral diseases of poultry
  2. Bacterial diseases of poultry
  3. Mycoplasma diseases of poultry
  4. Fungal diseases of poultry
  5. Parasitic diseases of poultry
  6. Nutritional deficiency diseases of poultry

List of Viral diseases in poultry

Viral Diseases: These include Newcastle disease and avian influenza, which can be deadly if not treated quickly with medicines.

  1. New Castle Disease
  2. Fowl Pox
  3. Infectious laryngotracheitis
  4. Avian Influenza
  5. Avian Encephalomyelitis
  6. Marek’s Disease
  7. Gumboro or Infectious Bursal Disease
  8. Lymphoid Leukosis Complex
  9. Egg Drop Syndrome ’76
  10. Swollen Head Syndrome
  11. Infectious Bronchitis

List of bacterial diseases in poultry

Bacterial Diseases: These include fowl cholera and avian tuberculosis, which are spread by contact with infected chickens or their droppings. Treatment is less effective with these than with viral diseases because they require antibiotics that must be administered specifically against the bacteria causing the disease.

  1. Pullorum Disease
  2. Fowl Cholera
  3. Fowl Typhoid
  4. Infectious Coryza
  5. Colibacillosis
  6. Streptococcosis
  7. Staphylococcus
  8. Omphalitis
E coli in poultry

Mycoplasma diseases in poultry

Mycoplasmosis is a disease caused by organisms called mycoplasma (a mixture of bacteria and viruses). Chickens and turkeys of all ages are affected by this disease. Another name for this disease is air sacculitis because this disease affects the air sacs of the respiratory system.

Various species of Mycoplasma mainly cause the following diseases in poultry.

  1. Mycoplasma gelisepticum
  2. mycoplasma synoviae
  3. Mycoplasma anatis
  4. Mycoplasma gallinarum

Fungal diseases of poultry

  1. Aspergillosis
  2. Aflatoxin

Parasitic diseases of poultry

Terrain Diseases: Those caused by parasites, like worms and mites, that live in areas like soil, water, and feed have a variety of causes

  1. Coccidiosis
  2. Ectoparasite in poultry
  3. Endoparasites in poultry

Nutritional deficiency diseases of poultry

  1. Vitamin Deficiencies in Poultry
  2. Mineral Deficiencies in Poultry

Vitamin deficiency in poultry

  1. Vitamin A deficiency
  2. Vitamin D deficiency
  3. Vitamin E deficiency
  4. Vitamin K deficiency
  5. Vitamin B1 deficiency
  6. Vitamin B2 deficiency
  7. Vitamin B6 deficiency
  8. Nicotinic Acid deficiency
  9. Pantothenic Acid deficiency
  10. Biotin deficiency
  11. Folic Acid deficiency
  12. Choline deficiency
  13. Vitamin B12 deficiency
  14. Vitamin C deficiency

Mineral Deficiencies in Poultry

  1. Calcium deficiency
  2. Phosphorus deficiency
  3. Sodium deficiency
  4. Potassium deficiency
  5. Magnesium deficiency
  6. chlorine deficiency
  7. Iron
  8. Copper
  9. Iodine
  10. Zinc
  11. Cobalt
  12. Selenium deficiency

Poultry diseases are caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The spread most happens through close contact. The poultry diseases with the highest mortality rates include necrotizing enteritis, avian influenza virus, Marek’s disease, infectious bursal disease, avian cholera (Vibrio), and aspergillosis.

Poultry Diseases can cause the death of chickens and reduced production. Poultry Diseases are caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi but spread mostly due to close contact. Types of Poultry Diseases include infectious bursal disease (IBD), Marek’s disease (MD), necrotizing enteritis (NE) avian influenza virus (AIV) Vibrio cholerae infection of avian cholera, and Aspergillosis.

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