Leghorn chickens

Leghorn Chicken- Most popular chicken breed for egg production.

Leghorn chickens are probably one of the most popular chicken breeds due to their ability to produce around 300 – 320 eggs per year. Until recently, this breed was the most important in commercial egg production, with about 24 recognized breeds.

Because of their extensive egg-laying ability, they are the number one breed used for large-scale commercial egg production in the United States, as well as being preferred by laboratories for embryological and avian biological research.

The Leghorn originated in Italy and its cross-breed pedigree provides a rare broody, mobile, and efficient scavenging hen.

Leghorn chickens

Leghorns are noisy chickens, slightly smaller than other breeds although they are larger than Bantams. Appearance There are about 13 colors ranging from black to blue, brown buff, and white to mottle.

Weight of Leghorn chickens
Rooster 2.8 – 3.4 kg
Chicken 2.0 – 2.5 kg
Cockerel 2.2 kg
Pullet 1.8 kg

Bantam Variety Leghorn-

Rooster 1.1 kg, hen 0.9 kg


The Leghorn is a good white egg-laying hen, laying an average of 280 eggs a year and sometimes reaching 300-320, weighing at least 55 grams. White Leghorns have been used extensively to produce highly productive egg-laying hybrids for commercial and industrial operations. Egg Color: White.

White leghorn chicken

Origin: This chicken is the most popular of the Mediterranean breeds. Its origin is in Leghorn, Italy.

White leghorn Features

  1. Feather color and ear lobes are white.
  2. The skin color is yellow and the eggshell is white.
  3. Small in size and light in weight.
  4. The weight of a full-grown rooster is 2-3 kg and the weight of a hen is 1.5-2 kg.
  5. Starts laying eggs at the age of 5/6 months.


This breed of chicken is best known for egg production. Annual egg production 200-250.

Varieties of Leghorn Chicken

There are many kinds of varieties.

Single Comb Dark Brown
Single Comb Light Brown
Rose Comb Dark Brown
Rose Comb Light Brown
Single Comb White
Rose Comb White
Single Comb Buff
Rose Comb Buff
Single Comb Black
Single Comb Silver
Single Comb Red
Single Comb Black-Tailed Red
Single Comb Columbian

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