Kazi feed price & product information

Kazi feed price information

Kazi feed price & product information in Bangladesh 2021. Kazi feed is the popular name of the livestock sector in Bangladesh. A product of Kazi Farm Ltd. Kazi feed is found in almost all area of Bangladesh. Fish, poultry and cattle feed produced by them has become a symbol of confidence of the farmers.

Kazi fish feed

They are produce high quality fish feed for fish and Shrimp farm in Bangladesh. All kind of fish feed is available in here. There are very good reputation and market fo kazi fish feed.

  1. Pangash feed, 25 kg
  2. Carp fish feed, 25 kg
  3. Telapia fish feed, 25 kg
  4. Koy fish feed, 25 kg
  5. Narsary, grower feed. 25 kg
  6. Shrimp feed- Golda starter & Golda grower feed. 25 kg

Kazi poultry feed

A well-known name of the poultry feed industry in Bangladesh. They are produce high quality poultry feed include all kind of poultry farms. Here is a small list of kazi poultry feed.

  1. Kazi Layer starter crumble- 50 kg
  2. Kazi Layer grower feed- 50 kg
  3. Kazi Pre Layer mash- 50 kg
  4. Kazi Layer mash I- 50 kg
  5. Kazi Layer mash II- 50 kg
  6. Kazi Pre broiler starter- 50 kg
  7. Kazi Broiler starter- 50 kg
  8. Kazi Broiler finisher- 50 kg

Kazi cattle feed

There are two type of cattle feed have been producing by Kazi farms group.

  1. Kazi beef-fattening feed- 25 kg
  2. Kazi dairy feed- 25 kg

Kazi feed price list 2021

Here is a price list of kazi feed. But list is uncomplete because we don’s find enough information about feed price of kazi group. After short time we can complete this list.

Feed NamePack SizePrice
Kazi Broiler Starter feed50 kg2500-2600 taka.
Kazi Broiler Grower feed50 kg2400-2500 taka
Kazi Shonali/Cockrel Grower Feed50 kg2300-2400 taka
Kazi Cattle feed25 kg950-1000 taka
Kazi Dairy Feed25 kg850-950 taka
Pangash feed25 kg
Carp fish feed25 kg
Telapia fish feed25 kg
Koy fish feed, 25 kg
Shrimp feed- Golda starter25 kg
Shrimp feed- Golda grower feed25 kg

There are many kind of livestock animal feeds are available, in kazi feed like poultry feed & fish feed by the age of animals.

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