Jersey cow milk: Production per day & nutrition value

Jersey cow milk

Jersey cow milk: Production per day & nutrition value is the topic today. Jersey cow milk is thick and sweet. Their milk is made by the A2 casing bond of protein, easily digestible. Even if left out, it will not be as easily nourished as other milks. Jersey cow’s milk is thick and delicious like native cow’s milk. You will not want to drink the milk of this cow once in your life

The Jersey cow breed was generally developed from the island of jersey in England. The Jersey name comes for its place of origin, On a large scale, Jerseys were imported to England.

Jersey cow milk per day

Jersey cow produce about 20 kilos of milk per day. Milk have an average butterfat content of about 5%. Jersey’s milk price normally high then other cow milk. 50-60 taka per kilogram rate in Bangladesh.

Jersey cow milk nutrition

Jersey cow’s milk contains 4.5% -5.5% milk fat which is 3.6–4.6 in Holstein‘s case. Compared to other average cows (Holstein, Brown Swiss, Flakvi), they have 18% more protein, 20% more calcium and 25% more fat.

Jersey cow milk: Production
Jersey cow milk production

Fat percentage

The fat percentage in the milk of this cow is more than the number of cows in the world. So Jersey cow’s milk is the number one choice for making ghee, cheese, butter, lamb, cheese, yogurt all over the world.

Jersey cow ghee

This cow’s ghee is very fragrant which will keep your mind intoxicated. This ghee is golden yellow in color. When you see it, it will catch your eye first. Once you apply this ghee on your hands, you will get its fragrance even if you wash your hands with soap!

This cow will understand your cost from time to time and will give you two calves to compensate you. What else do you want?

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