Gir cow price in India & milk price 2022

Gir cow price

Gir cow price in India & milk price 2021. Gir cow price in India is higher due to the good quality of milk. These cows are in great demand in many countries of the world including India. The price of this cow depends on its size, structure and milk production capacity. However, the price varies from area to area. Here we will discuss the Gir cattle market in different provinces including India.

Gir cow price in India

In India, Gir cows are usually sold for between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 3 lakh in 2021. Currently the market price of this cow is slightly lower due to the corona virus. The price of a Gir cow depends on the breed, shape, milk production capacity, age, etc. of the cow. The current market value of a cow with a milk production capacity of 15 liters is Rs 1.5 lakh. However, normal and small size cows are available at Rs 35 to Rs 60,000.

Gir cow price in India
Gir cow price in India

Gir milk price in India

At present Gir cow’s milk is being sold at 70 to 200 rupees. Which is two to three times the price of other cow’s milk. The price of milk depends on the quality of the milk. This milk is in high demand in different parts of India due to its good nutritional value and taste. Although the price is a bit higher in the city, the price of this milk is comparatively less in the village.

Gir cow & milk price in some state of India

State nameGir cow price (100 kg body weight)Gir milk price (Per Ltr.)
KarnatakaRs- 30,000-32,000.Rs 50-200
MaharashtraRs- 30,000-32,000Rs 60-160
TamilnaduRs- 28,000-30,000Rs 60-140
GujaratRs- 28,000-30,000Rs 70-160
HaryanaRs- 30,000-32,000Rs 80-160
KeralaRs- 32,000-35,000Rs 80-160
BangaloreRs- 35,000-40,000Rs 90-200
PuneRs- 36,000-42,000Rs 100-200
Uttar PradeshRs- 40,000-45,00Rs 100-200

Cow’s milk is the finest nutritional product since it has less fat, more energy, and more nutritional content.

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