FRA C12 Dry Powder

FRA C12 Dry Powder

FRA C12 Dry Formulated with a balanced blend of 1-monomeric and essential oils. Fra c12 is made by FRAmelco in French. Aci Animal Health is the authorized distributor of this product in Bangladesh.


Prevents and controls FMD, PPR, mastitis, flavin virus, and lumpy skin disease.
Prevents and controls infectious bronchitis and avian influenza in chickens.
Effective against gram-positive harmful bacterial infections.
Improves and increases weight.


Large animals: 5 g per 100 kg body weight 1 time per day for 15 days.
Small animals: 0.75 g per 10 kg body weight 1 time per day for 15 days.

Large animals: 5 g per 100 kg body weight 1 time per day for 5-7 days.
Small animals: 0.75 g per 10 kg body weight 1 time per day for 5-7 days.

or as prescribed by a veterinarian.

Pack Size: 20 grams, 100 grams and 1 kg

FRA C12 Dry for Swine

Active in entire GIT and via bloodstream «
Inhibits fat enveloped viruses
Inhibits gram-positive bacteria
Reduces mortality rate
Improves animal performance

The Solution

FRAmelco has developed FRA C12: a specific formula containing medium chain I-monoglycerides and carefully selected micro-ingredients. Feeding this product to piglets, pigs and sows reduces health problems and improves
animal performance.


Extensive research shows that medium chain I-monoglycerides possess antibacterial, antiviral, and animal performance-improving properties. FRA C12 contains I-monoglycerides of medium chain fatty acids to inhibit gram-positive pathogenic bacteria. Additionally, I-monoglycerides of medium chain fatty acids deactivate fat enveloped viruses.

As a result of the unique mode of action, I-monoglycerides are active in the entire gastrointestinal tract and bloodstream. Pathogens do not develop resistance against I-monoglycerides. It is suggested by literature that I-monoglycerides may be used as an alternative for the preventive use of antibiotics.


Adding a small amount of carefully selected micro-ingredients induces a synergistic effect. These micro-ingredients contribute to the animal’s resilience against invading pathogens.

The Challenge

One of the main issues in swine husbandry is efficient and sustainable animal production. Several factors such as raw material prices and increasing worldwide competition force farmers to optimize their production cycles. Moreover, farmers have to deal with animal welfare regulation, restriction of antibiotic usage, and the prevalence of infectious diseases.

When pigs are subject to stress factors such as pig density, weaning, change of feed, and change of social groups, they are highly susceptible to Infectious diseases and (metabolic) disorders.

These diseases can be caused by gram-positive pathogenic bacteria like Streptococci and Staphylococci, and viral infections. Antibiotics and vaccination programs are commonly used, however, not all bacteria and viruses can be targeted due to economic and/or practical disadvantages. Infection by Streptococci, Staphylococci, and viral infections may lead to
decreased reproduction and growth performance, high mortality rates and lower profitability.

Trial results

Trial performed at the farm with high Streptococcus infection rate. In both groups, 500 animals were tested. The trial started on the day of weaning, the trial lasted 55 subsequent days. Results show that adding 4 kg C 12 Dry per ton of feed can substitute 1 kg Amoxicillin per ton of feed (Germany, 2011).

Recommended usage

The advised dosage is 2-4 kg FRA C12 dry per ton of feed.
It is recommended to contact your local FRAmelco technical sales manager to determine the farm-specific dose levels.
Use continuously.
Apply via feed.

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