Fish Feed Machine- Quality & Price in Bangladesh

Fish Feed Machine

Fish Feed Machine- Quality & Price in Bangladesh is the topic of this article. The use of fish feed in Bangladesh has increased significantly in the last few years. Currently, more than 2 million tons of commercial fish feed are being produced.

The rapid increase in the use of fish feed has helped many fish farmers to increase production. But there are a number of problems among fish farmers, including feed quality, feed management skills, and environmental sustainability.

Fish farming in Bangladesh

Fish farming in Bangladesh is an important part of agriculture in the country. Bangladesh is a fast-growing agricultural country. There are ample opportunities for fish farming in Bangladesh. Rivers, streams, canals, and others are surrounded all over the country. The vast majority of the country’s population is directly or indirectly involved in fish or fish-related businesses.

Fish feed making machine

The fish feed-making machine is widely used for fish farming farms. Both floating fish feed and sinking feed pellets can be made with a fish feed-making machine. Through the fish feed machine, we can use cheap and local raw materials to produce high-quality fish feed, which can help to save feeding costs.

Sinking fish feed machine

The commercial fish feed pellet machine uses the feed hammer, fish feed extruder machine, and other equipment to set up the fish feed production line.

Floating fish feed making machine

A floating fish feed machine is the most useful machinery for fish farming in Bangladesh. The floating fish feed can help more weight gain, and decrease feed cost.

Fish Feed Ingredients

There are many feed ingredients available in the local market. That is also cost-effective for fish farmers.


Corn is the main ingredient for making fish feed or others animal feeds. It can help to increase carbohydrate and metabolic energy in the feed.

Rice bran

Rice bran is a good fish feed ingredient and that is also the cheapest. We can get fiber, carbohydrate, protein, fat, and others nutrition in rice bran.

Soybean meal

Soybean meal is the source of protein. We can get 40-42% protein in soybean meals. So many amino acids are present in the soybean protein. It can help to increase production and fast weight gain.

Wheat, wheat bran, mustard oil cake, broken rice, full-fat soybean, soybean oil, palm oil, palm carnal, and so many agricultural byproducts can be used in fish feed machines.

Fish feed formulation

A fish feed formulation can help to make the best nutrition feed and reduce the cost of feed. Normally corn- 40-50%, rice bran- 20-30%, soybean meal- 20-30%, fish meal- 5-15%, and other nutritional products are used in fish feed.

Fish feed machine price in Bangladesh

Fish feed machine price depends on the production ability. Here is a shortlist of fish feed machine prices in Bangladesh.

Commercial fish feed machine1-5 crore taka
Small size machine5-10 Lakh Taka
Mini size machine50,000.00 to 200,000.00 taka

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