Dong Tao Chicken: Special type of chicken from Vietnam

Dong Tao Chicken

Dong Tao Chicken is a breed of chicken that is native to northern Vietnam and is famous for its large, colorful feet. They are typically used in ceremonies, as well as traditional festivals. Dong Tao Chicken is a special type of chicken from Vietnam that is prized for its delicious meat. It was originally only bred for royalty and their servants, but now it is served in restaurants and is popular in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, festivals and traditions are very important and special. During Tet Lunar New Year, families get together for a celebration and special chickens are part of the celebration. These chickens were so special that only the emperor and his family were allowed to eat them

Average weight

Dong Tao Chickens are special chickens with big legs like dragons. They take 8 months to grow up and can cost up to $2,500 for a pair. The average weight of Dong Tao Chickens from Vietnam.

  1. Adult male chicken: 5.5 – 6 kg
  2. Adult female chicken: 4.5 kg

Dong Tao chicken egg

Hens only lay around 60 eggs a year. Egg size large and medium. The egg color is white and brown.

Dong Tao chicken size and height

Dong Tao is a special chicken from Vietnam that are very big and have thick legs. They come in different colors, like white and red, and their feet look like dragons! People like to eat them because they are very tasty.

Multi-colored (rooster), White or white/brown (hen). Dong Tao chickens are special chickens that are very big and have colorful feathers. They have red, black, white, and gray feathers.

The males are bigger than the females and their feet and legs are covered with scales. The chicks have white down and black wings.

Dong tao chicken baby

This is an amazing chicken with really big legs! It takes a long time for the chickens to grow big enough for them to have big legs. The legs are preserved in alcohol so that people can see how big they are. Each leg weighs 1 kg.

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