Cow milk: Nutrition and benefits

Cow milk Nutrition and benefits

Cow milk is called a superfood. It contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus, protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B-12, niacin and riboflavin. The various nutrients of cow milk can keep you healthy and strong.

Nutrition of cow milk

The components of cow milk are-

  1. Water (8%)
  2. Protein (4%)
  3. Lactose or milk sugar (5%)
  4. Minerals and other ingredients.

The various benefits of cow milk

  1. Calcium strengthens teeth and bone structure. The calcium and vitamin D of milk are absorbed by the bones and teeth and strengthen their structure. Drinking cow milk every day will get rid of problems like tooth decay, tooth decay and yellow stains, bone loss.
  2. Drinking a glass of cow milk every day largely satisfies the need for other foods. If you drink cow milk at breakfast, it stays in the stomach for a long time. As a result, the appetite is less. In addition, drinking milk fulfills many nutritional needs of the body. So if you suffer from weight gain and want to lose weight in a healthy way in less time, keep milk in your daily diet.
  3. The vitamins and minerals in cow milk increase fitness and help relieve stress. Drinking milk stimulates sleep, which relaxes the brain and relieves stress. Drink a glass of lukewarm milk every night to ensure a peaceful sleep by relieving stress throughout the day.
  4. Cow milk helps to re-hydrate the body. If you suffer from dehydration, drink a glass of cow milk. Feel healthy.
  5. If you have constipation and are not allergic to dairy foods, drink a glass of warm milk every night before going to bed.
  6. Pre-menstrual syndrome can occur if the levels of vitamin D and calcium in the body are not right. So if you have stomach pain and acidity problems during the period, drink a glass of milk.
  7. Cow milk contains a lot of protein which helps in building muscle and relieves muscle stiffness. One to two glasses of milk per day is very beneficial for regular exercise. Babies should also drink milk every day to improve muscle structure.
  8. Every day we eat a variety of foods that cause acidity and heartburn. The simplest solution is to drink milk every day. Milk keeps the stomach cool and eliminates the problem of heartburn.
  9. Milk is rich in vitamins and minerals, which improve the body’s immune system and boost immunity. Drinking milk every day makes the skin soft, supple and smooth.
  10. Milk controls cholesterol and cleanses the blood as well as increases blood circulation. Source: Medical News Today.
benefits of cow milk
Benefits of cow milk

Processed milk

Pure milk is collected from the farm and processed in a milk processing plant to make both liquid and dry milk. Number one is processed liquid milk and two contains processed dry milk. Processed liquid milk is- 1.

  1. Pasteurized flower cream milk
  2. Pasteurized low-fat / non-fat milk
  3. Pasteurized vegetable fat milk
  4. Various flavored milk
  5. Sweetened condensed milk with vegetable fat and sugar

The difference between cow milk & milk powder

The main reason for making so much milk is that the shelf life of pure milk on the farm is short, it is wasted in a short time. Processing increases shelf life, can be kept for many days. This is the only reason milk is processed.

But you know what? The nutritional value of pure farm milk is higher than any other processed milk. This is because many nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and proteins, are lost during processing. So if you want to get milk easily on the shelf of a nearby shop or super shop, you have to accept this loss.

But if you go to the cows with a little effort – that is, collect milk from the farm – it does not seem to be processed. You are getting pure cow milk of the highest nutritional value of farm cows directly.

There is one more thing. As the number of Friesian cows is the highest in the world, the fat content of this cow is considered as the standard. And that is 3.5%. Therefore, if it contains 3.5% fat milk, it is recognized as full cream milk.

Why is the color of milk white?

The cow milk color is white mainly for casein. This casein is a type of protein. Cow milk contains the highest amount of this protein. Casein contains a lot of calcium. This calcium is very important for the human body. Calcium strengthens the bones of our body.

Casein is a key ingredient in some favorite foods. This is such cheese, puppies. Cassen is also very important in making some things. There are a lot of things like plastic, paints that can’t be made without casinos.

But cow milk doesn’t just look white for casein. Milk cream contributes more to make the milk look white. So the higher the amount of cream in the milk, the more white the milk looks. This milk cream contains a type of white fat. So the cream helps to make the milk look more white.

Why does the milk overflow after it is hot?

When cow milk is heated, minerals, proteins and fats are broken down by high heat. These are lighter than milk, so float to the top. This is what we call milk cream.

So at high heat some amount of water evaporates. But after a while, the cream coating on top of it breaks through and the steam can no longer escape. Because the fat or mineral boiling point of this cream is higher than water.

So they do not start to boil like water. Thus, the water vapor in the milk is trapped because it cannot penetrate its upper layer. The more heat is given, the higher the water vapor rises and the more the vapor bubbles press on.

When heated further, water vapor pushes the upper layer of milk upwards. Due to this, milk and some milk overflows.

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