Cockerel chicken (Sonali) grower feed formulation (Low cost)

Cockerel chicken

Cockerel chicken (Sonali) grower feed formulation (Low cost). Feed formulation and Costing (Low Cost) for cockerel chicken (Deshi) grower feed formulation Age 30 Days.

Cockerel chicken feed formulation

Shonali chicken feed formulation

Feed StaffQuantity (Kg)
Corn broken48
Reich bran/rice husk (local mill)25
Soybean mill20
Fish meal/fish protein5
Limestone/oyster powder1
Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP)0.25
Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)0.2
Vitamin-Mineral Premix0.2
Toxin binder+Mold0.15
Total100 kg

If the daily intake of Cockerel chicken is 50 gm (Average)
Total daily need- 37,500 gm= 37.5 kg
Total 1 month need 30×37.5= 1125 kg
Total feed cost for 1 month 1125×37= 41,625 Tk

Cockerel chicken (Deshi) grower feed Ingredients for 1-ton

Corn 480 kg
Rice Bran- 250 kg
Soybean meal- 200 kg
Fish meal- 50 kg

Cockerel chicken

Many small and large poultry farms want to produce feed at affordable prices for Cockerel chicken or domestic chickens. Because even though the rate of production of affordable feed is a bit low, the cost of food is quite low.

In the case of using such economical or low-cost feed, if the chicken can meet the nutritional needs in other ways, the production can be improved. In that case, the supply of vitamins and minerals with water should be done at regular intervals. Raw grass/vegetables/herbs should be fed any time of the day.

Feed formula and ingredients

Feed formula and ingredients list with availability from including price current market price. We will be happy to purchase high-value items directly from your company. Only small vehicles can come to our farm sites think up to 5 tonnes pickup comes to our local bazaar 1 KM.

We are also operating on a tide budget. Our sites have 20000 sq ft poultry sheds with 7000 incubator hatchery.  HRA Foundation has 20 acra fully functional fisheries for poultry and livestock farming if needed. We have just completed the first batch of 2000 flock Sonali reared by people who are intellectual disabilities no previous experience guided by myself and a few good-hearted people.

Average weight 500gram  aged 51 days feed 69 bags more or less. Please note that I have begged farmers to take 1 or 2 of the intellectually disabled person to work within the farm for experience as a training program without pay HRA Foundation will pay them. But not a single farmer was willing. So as long as we can recover investment in the flock We can think of the labor cost as training cost.

Our current Batches

1000. 0 Day old chicks Sonali arriving on Sunday 24th October 1000. 0 Day old chicks cockerel arriving Monday 25th October
Chicken poultry operation

Feed Ingredients

Corn broke 47 kg
Reich bran/rice husk (local mill) 25 kg
Soybean mill 20 kg
Limestone / limestone / oyster powder 2 kg
Fish meal/fish protein 5 kg
Salt 0.5 kg

Micro Ingredients/Feed Additives/Feed Supplement

DCP/MCP (Tricalcium Phosphate)- 0.3 kg
Sodium bicarbonate 0.3 kg
Vitamin-Mineral Premix 0.15 kg
Toxin binder 0.15 kg

All ingredients except vitamin-mineral premix should be mixed well with toxin binder and left for 24 hours. After that vitamin-mineral premix should be mixed well and given to the chicken.

What would be the price of feed mixing per 100 kg according to your formulation? Protein levels Are this formula for starters, growers, or finishers. What is the formulation for Fayoumi layers? Please comment.

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