Broiler feed formulation chart & analysis

Broiler chickens

Broiler feed formulation chart & analysis for free here. Broiler feed formulation is an important issue in making feed for farmers. The most significant expenditure of broiler farms is on feed management. The physical growth or production of chickens depends on a balanced diet.

At present, it is difficult to manage proper feed management on Broiler farms. On the one hand, the price of chicks and feeds is increasing day by day, On the other hand, the price of produced chicken is gradually declining. So many farmers think to make broiler feed on the farm. It’s not a difficult process.

The diet of broiler chickens can be divided into 4 categories depending on age.

  1. Broiler pre-starter feed
  2. Broiler starter feed
  3. Broiler grower feed
  4. Broiler finisher feed

What is the nutritional value of the broiler chicken diet?

Required nutrition in broiler feeds by the age or feeding stage. Read the table below..

NutritionBroiler Starter FeedBroiler Grower FeedBroiler Finisher Feed
Crude Protein (%)232221
Crude Fat (%)4.55.57
Crude Fiber (%)3.53.173,27
Calcium (%)112
Phosphorus (%)
DL-Methionine (%)0.510.540.52
L-Lysine (%)
Metabolic Energy (kcal/kg)300031503200
Broiler feed formulation
Feeding Broiler feed

Broiler feed formulation

Here is an example of a broiler feed formulation. You can follow this or make one like this, but use all of the items in this list. You can change any item and quantity you’re needed.

Feed IngredientsBroiler Starter FeedBroiler Grower FeedBroiler Finisher Feed
Corn/Mize (kg)554460
Soybean meal (kg)353525
Rice polish (kg)131212
Fish meal analog (kg)764
Soybean oil (kg)1
Limestone (kg)222
Table salt0.10.1০.৩
DCP (kg)0.50.5০.৫
Vitamin & Mineral Premix0.50.5০.৩
L-Lysine (kg)0.150.15০.১৫
DL-Methionine (kg)0.10.1০.১৫
Toxin binder0.150.15০.১৫
Mold Inhibitors (kg)0.100.10০.১০
Salmonella killer0.050.05০.০৫
Anti-coccidial (kg)0.050.05০.০৫
Multi-Enzyme with phytate0.050.05০.০৫
Sodium Bicarbonate (kg)0.10০.১০
Total (kg)104.21১০১

The amount of feed consumed by the broiler chickens according to age

Another important part of broiler feed formulation is the feed consumption rate. You can follow the table, but it can be changed by broiler breeds, parents, management, feeding, etc. on the farm

Age (Week)Feed consumed per broiler (kg)Cumulative feed consumed (kg)Average body weight per broiler (kg)

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