Bloating in cattle: Treatment and prevention

Bloating in cattle

Bloating in cattle is a well-known disease. Although the disease is very common, its harmful effects are not less. Repeated exposure to Bloating in cattle will reduce production much faster. This disease destroys the digestive system of cattle. It has been observed that once a cow has swollen stomach, it does not take proper amount of food for 8-10 days.

Bloating in cattle is mainly due to poor feeding management of cattle. Silent bloating in cattle is often not a symptom, but the appetite for beef is greatly reduced.

What is bloating in cattle ?

If excess ammonia gas is produced in the rumen of cattle for various reasons, the effectiveness of rumen decreases. This causes the pH to decrease and the gas to increase. The cows squirm. Muff with saliva. Sometimes urination closes the toilet. This condition of cattle is called flatulence.

The reason for the bloat or tympany in cattle

Tympany disease is usually caused by a defect in the diet. Tympany or bloating in cattle disease occurs when the normal functioning of the esophagus is disrupted, the motility of the rumen is reduced, and the right amount of gas produced inside the animal’s body is not expelled.

Bloating in cattle is also caused by eating too much extra leguminous grasses like beans, peas, etc.

Eating a diet high in carbohydrates causes bloat disease. The disease is caused by excessive application of urea fertilizer in pastures and excessive intake of calcium, magnesium and nitrogen in the diet.

Symptoms of bloating in cattle

  1. The jawbone stops.
  2. The animal tries to eat but the infected animal cannot eat anything.
  3. The infected animal wakes up again and again.
  4. Saliva falls from the mouth.
  5. Sweat comes out through the body and occasionally the tongue tries to breathe out.
  6. The left abdomen is very swollen for a long time.
  7. It is difficult to breathe.
  8. Many times the toilet stops urinating.
  9. In case of severe flatulence, the infected animal stops breathing and dies.

Prevention of cow bloat

The only cure for Bloating in cattle is proper food management of the animal. Animal food management needs to be monitored. Necessary measures should be taken to improve the digestion of cows. The animal needs to be free of worms in the right way like time.

Bloating in cattle
Bloating in cattle

Depending on the weight of the cattle, 100-150 grams of ginger juice or more or less if necessary and 2 to 5 teaspoons of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) should be given more or less. This formula is a very important medicine for flatulence and is also safe during pregnancy.

Treatment of bloating in cattle

The cow may die within a few hours due to bloating or accumulation of toxic gas in the stomach, how can the farmer cope with the situation at this time? Some of the first aid ideas are discussed below,

  1. Cow’s stomach can appear at any time from food adulteration, disease germs, extra granular food. At this time the cows have to be removed from the team and observed. In this situation the rumen buffering of the stomach of the cow is stopped, so the cow should be given water mixed with baking soda and chitagur, DCP powder / chalk powder / limestone powder.
  2. If left side / rumen of cow’s abdomen is more swollen then 300 or 500 g / ml of soybean oil / vegetable oil should be fed to the cow according to the weight of the cow. It should be inserted inside the rumen with a kind of pipe. It will run if there is any clock of gas in the rumen, it is tested, veterinary treatment abroad does so. At this time the stomach or body of the cow has to be moved from side to side. Have to walk a little. So that as a result of the action of the oil, the block of gas becomes smaller. Remember that time is very valuable in this situation. Cows can die due to slight negligence.

Then make yourself a syrup / medicine for bloating in cattle with the following herbal ingredients: 300 g Chitagur + four teaspoons baking soda / baking soda / sodium bicarbonate + 100 g Ginger Butter Juice + 20 Rose Chili Bata + some mint leaves + a garlic + some Pomegranate leaves + fennel / sweet cumin paste is mixed with three / four liters of water to make a syrup and dipped into the stomach through a pipe.

Remember, grass, horseradish leaves and straw should be given at this time! Remember, at this time the husk and granules will be completely closed. Then the appearance of toxic gas and harmful bacteria will be reduced. If necessary, you can dilute one liter of sour yogurt. This will help increase the amount of beneficial batteries in the room. As the beneficial bacteria grow, they will eat the harmful bacteria and increase the buffering of the rumen function.

Remember, these are all primary treatments. As well as seeing a veterinarian, take antibiotics such as amoxicillin and metronidazole. Thanks.

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