Bloat Stop Vet Oral Suspension

Bloat Stop Vet Oral

Bloat Stop Vet is an effective veterinary medicine for bloating and tympanic problems in cattle. The anti-blot medicine for cattle called Blot Stop Vet is manufactured and marketed by The Acme Laboratories Ltd (Veterinary Department). It is widely used in the treatment of bloating and tympanic problems for cattle, goats, sheep, horses, etc.


Per 100 ml-

  1. Semithicon USP – 1 gram
  2. Dil oil BP – 0.5 mg.

Introduction of Bloat Stop Vet Medicine

  1. The name of the medicine: Bloat Stop Vet
  2. Group of drugs : Anti Blot
  3. Types of medicine : Liquid suspension
  4. Guided animals : Ruminant- Cow, buffalo, calves, goat, sheep etc.
  5. Instructions of use : Bloat and tympani disease treatment.
  6. Withdrawal period : Meat and milk – 0 (zero) days.
  7. Storage : Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.
  8. Redirection : N/A
  9. Caution : N/A
  10. Marketed by : The Acme Laboratories Ltd. (Veterinary Department)
  11. Pack size : 100 ml bottle.
  12. Price (retail price) : N/A
  13. Country : Bangladesh
Bloat Stop Vet
Bloat Stop Vet100 ml

Dosage / Application Dosage / Rules of use

For oral feeding only.

In acute disease-

  1. Cow / buffalo: 100 ml
  2. Goat / Sheep: 20 ml

In case of chronic diseases-

  1. Cow / buffalo: 100 ml
  2. Goat / Sheep: 20 ml

It should be applied directly into the mouth or through the cannula or long needle into the rumen.
Or should be fed on the advice of a veterinarian.

In goat, cow, sheep, etc., the medicine of this cattle can be used for bloating and tympanic problems in cattle.

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