Black hole duck for farming

Black hole duck farming

Black hole duck farming on homesteads or farms is not a new idea. Therefore, people have been raising them as domestic animals since ancient times. Because Black hole duck farming is easy and profitable. Even a beginner can become a successful duck farmer.

Black hole duck farming

The way to recognize a black hole duck is, that this duck is completely black in color. The duck’s lips are black and its eyes are also black. Its whole body is black, and only the lower part of the throat has a little white color.

This black color is very bright. The black color of the whole body glistens in the sun. The feet of this duck is also black. It lays more eggs and has more meat than other ducks.

It is popular for eggs and meat, as an adult duck weighs around 2.50 to 3 kg. It lays an average of 300 to 325 eggs per year and can produce more. The meat of this duck is very tasty.

The origin of the black hole duck is in Thailand. This duck is found in Thailand for the first time. This duck is a very advanced breed.

  1. The feather color is black.
  2. There is no lie in the head.
  3. A spot below the throat is white.
  4. The egg color is white and black.
  5. The body size is fairly large.

Immunization program for black hole duck

  1. There is no alternative to vaccination to keep ducks disease free. Care should be taken to always vaccinate healthy ducks.
  2. Ducks that are infected with any disease or worms should not be vaccinated as it may not produce the desired results.
  3. Antidotes should not be exposed to sunlight under any circumstances.
  4. The first vaccination should be given at 21 days of age followed by the next installment at 36 days of age and cholera vaccination at 70 days of age.
  5. Apart from this, vaccination should be given as per the doctor’s advice.

House management for black hole duck

Things to keep in mind before building a house for ducks:- There should be good lighting and ventilation, and a full-grown duck will need 2 square feet of space. And 1 square feet of space is required for raising ducks.

Good measures should be taken to protect against wild animals, especially foxes. Chaff, straw, straw, and wood dust should be spread like litter on the floor of the ducks.

By doing this the eggs will not roll and the eggs will not break and the ducks will be comfortable.

The litter of the duck house should not get wet under any circumstances. The litter should be changed once a day.

If the litter gets wet due to water, it should be changed immediately. Care must be taken to ensure that water does not enter the floor during rain, the floor must remain dry.

No matter what kind of duck house it is, it should not be unnecessarily created. Ducks should be kept in the dark at night.

And it keeps the body and mind of the duck good, due to which the production of eggs and meat increases.

Black hole duck feed

Ducks mainly eat two types of food. For example, natural food and supplementary food. Family-raised ducks can make a living by grazing on ponds and farms.

But special care should be taken in rearing advanced breeds of ducks. In that case, complete food should be given at least 3 times.

However, if a sufficient amount of natural food such as snails, oysters, crabs, earthworms, snails, small fishes, and various types of insects are available in the water body, only a small amount of granular food should be provided in the morning and afternoon. Plenty of water should be provided along with duck food.

It is not right to give dry food to ducks. They should always be fed wet and powdered food. At first, the duck should be allowed to eat freely for 8 weeks, then it should be fed twice a day.

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