Big Bertha Cow – The oldest cow in the world

Big Bertha Cow

Big Bertha Cow – The oldest cow in the world. We know that cows usually live for about 20 years. But you would be surprised to know that the Big Bertha cow born in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, 1945, was 49 years old! During her lifetime, she gave birth to 39 calves, and the cow died of natural causes on 31 December 1993 in Southern Ireland.

You’d be surprised to learn that “Big Bertha” appeared on various cattle shows as a celebrity cow, raising 75,000 USD. to raise funds for the treatment of human cancer!

Introduction of Big Bertha Cow

Cow NameBertha, or ‘Big Bertha’
BreedDroimeann (a native Irish cattle breed)
Farmer nameMr. O’Leary
Age49 years
Born17 March 1945
CountrySouthwest Ireland
RecordsOldest cow in world
lifetime breeding
calves 39 calves
Death31 December 1993

The cow has gained wide popularity all over the world.

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