Beetal goat breed identification and rearing method

Beetal goat breed

Beetal goat breed identification and rearing method in India. Beetal goats have a lot of characteristics like Jamunapari and Malabari goats. Although beetles are commercially reared for goat meat production, they are also reared for milk production. It is also known as Lahore goat. The native habitat of this species is the Punjab province of India and Pakistan.

Beetals are much larger in size and look much nicer. This breed of goat is also reared every where in India. This breed of goat grows faster as a result of higher growth rate.

Introduction to Beetle Goat Breed

Name of the breedBeetal Goat
reared forMeat and milk producing goat breed
Physical heightThe length is up to about 86 cm
Body WeightAdult buck (Male) weight – 60-70 kg
The weight of an adult doe (Female) is- 40-45 kg
Original habitatIndia and Pakistan
ExpansionMany countries of the world including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal.

Features of the Beetal Goat

  1. In size it is larger than Black Bengal goat and smaller than Jamunapari goat.
  2. Body color is black, white, brown, brown with white spots etc.
  3. Goats have long and hanging ears. It looks a lot like a Jamunapari goat.
  4. Goats have long horns and curved backs.
  5. Khasi and Pathi both have goat horns.
  6. Goat legs are relatively long.
  7. Although the hair of the male goat is short, it is seen that the female goat has long hair.
  8. Beetal goats have much higher immunity.
  9. These goats can be reared in all kinds of environments.
Beetal goat
Beetal breed in Panjab

Beetal goat farming method

Beetle breeds can be reared commercially on meat farms. Beetle goats are very easy to keep. This variety is tolerant and disease resistant. Can be observed in all weathers. This breed of goat grows faster as a result of higher growth rate. Beetle goats can be easily reared on family or small farms. Beetle goats have become very popular in India.

Feed Management

These goats eat common grass and leaves. Normal goat food is enough for this. However, for the health and good growth of goats, balanced granular food should be provided. Adequate pure water should be drunk. Care should be taken to ensure that the body of the goat does not lack any vitamins or minerals. Adequate raw grass and leaves should be fed.


These goats mature at the age of 12-15 months. Goats of this breed give birth for the first time at the age of about two years. Provides two baby per year and the baby can drink enough milk. Beetal goats can give 3-4 liters of milk per day. These goats give birth once a year.

Beetal goat price in India

The price of this goat varies from region to region. The average price of a 10 kg body weight beetal goat (Female) is 4000 to 5000 Rs. And male goat price is 5000 to 5500 Rs.

In Bangladesh this goat is known as Totapuri goat.

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