Animal protein sources for making feeds

Animal protein sources

Animal protein sources for making feeds. You know that Protein is an essential part of the diet. It helps to build, repair, and maintain the body’s structures. There are two sources of protein to make animal feeds. Animal protein is an important part of poultry and fish feeds.

Animal protein sources

Popular animal protein sources for making dairy, poultry, and fish feeds.

  1. Fish meal analog
  2. Dried fish
  3. Meat and bone meal
  4. insect meal
  5. Meat meal
  6. Poultry meal
  7. Blood meal
  8. Feather meal
  9. Animal protein concentrate

Nutrition of animal protein sources

This protein source contains a high amount of crude protein and fat. It also has many minerals and amino acids. Animal protein is also a source of metabolic energy.

  1. Protein: 40-70%
  2. Fat: 5-8 %
  3. Fiber: 4-8 %
  4. Metabolic Energy: 3100-3300 K.Cal/Kg

Available minerals

  1. Calcium
  2. Phosphorus
  3. Magnesium
  4. Copper
  5. Cobalt
  6. Zinc
  7. Selenium

Use for making feeds

Generally, it can use 5-15% in complete feed. Mainly depended on other feed ingredients and animal recommendations.

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