Ancona Chicken

Ancona Chicken

Ancona chicken takes its name from the eastern Italian city of Ancona. They are believed to have first reached the shores of England in 1851. There are different opinions about the origin of the Ancona, with some believing that it is similar to the original Mottled Leghorn. It remains a distinct breed and has its own characteristics.

With their extraordinary comb and dashing appearance, it is surprising that they are not more popular as a breed.

Many believe that Ancona chickens are related to the Leghorn, especially the Black Mottled variety, as they do not differ significantly in plumage and size, suggesting a Mediterranean ancestry.

Ancona chicken

There is also a bantam ancona that weighs significantly less than a pure ancona. The Ancona’s appearance is characterized by a black color, mottled with white, splayed toes, and yellow legs interspersed with black. The Ancona is thought to be related to the Leghorn, and in Germany, the breed is called the Mottled Leghorn.

Origin- Mediterranean

Appearance- Ancona beetle is green with white tips and has a distinctive V-shaped marking on its feathers.

Weight- Rooster 2.7-3 kg, Chicken 2.25 – 2.5 kg

Bantam variety Ancona- Rooster 570 – 680 grams, Chicken 510 – 620 grams

Ancona chicken egg

The Ancona is a good layer of white eggs, laying an average of 220 to 250 eggs a year. Eggs weighing 50 grams or more. Chickens tend to have less brood; Pullets can start laying at 5 months. Egg color- White to cream.

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