Advance Pharmaceuticals Ltd & Product List

Advance Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Advance Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a fast growing animal health products and pharmaceuticals company in Bangladesh. The company import and distribution of veterinary pharmaceuticals products, animal nutrition products and animal feed supplements.

Company profile

Organization nameAdvance Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Business TypeImporter and Local Manufacturer, Marketing & Distribution.
Product rangeAnimal nutrition & other feed supplements
Global PartnersHANVET Vietnam.
Total employee N/A
Head officeFarmgate, Dhaka

Advance Pharmaceuticals Ltd Products list

The company import and Local Manufacture of veterinary pharmaceuticals medicine, poultry and animal nutrition products, feed supplements in Bangladesh.

  1. Sefety-M
  2. Berga-Top
  3. Milk Plus
  4. Adomin
  5. DCP-Diamond, 1 kg
  6. Luump-care
  7. Muli Vitamin Forte, 1 kg
  8. Trilvit 100 gm
  9. Calpho
  10. AD-Lyte plus
  11. ADE w.s.p
  12. A-Biotic
  13. Han-Goodway, 1 kg
  14. Feed Boost 10 kg
  15. Masti Guard Plus, 100 gm
  16. AD-Zyme

And more agrovet product for poultry and cattle.

Advance Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Company Logo

Contact and address

Advance Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Address: 14/A, 31/A Centre Point Concord, Unit-6F, Tejkunipara, Farmgate, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Phone: 88 02 9145902

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